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Dog’s Unusual Reaction To Being Bathed Is Leaving The Internet In Stitches

For some of us, our dogs are like our children. Whether we have them from the time they are a brand new puppy or if we rescue them when they are getting up there in age, it doesn’t take long to get attached to dogs as they quickly become members of the family.Much in the same way that we know the likes and dislikes of our children, we quickly learn the same little tidbits of personal information about our pups.

We learn where they like to be pet and what parts of their bodies twitch when they are scratched. We know if they are approachable by strangers and if they prefer to lie on their own in the corner of a room or if they have to be up close and personal with their owners. Like people, dogs have their own personalities and it is for this reason why we get so darn attached to them. Dogs even have certain hobbies that bring them joy and excitement. We’ve all see the pup who can play fetch for hours on end until they are so exhausted that they literally cannot move. And then there are those dogs who like to swim. No matter how far from the water they are, they will seek it out just to get their paws wet.

When it comes to bathing your pup, it can be very black and white. Some dogs hate having water poured over them and suds near their eyes, and others love it, sucking up every moment.

There is one particular pup who seems to love getting his bath on. So much so that he appears to be yelling “Oh mama,” as his owner gives him a good cleaning.

His owner is seen using her hands and the water nozzle to scrub him and rid him of the excess suds and he seems to have no qualms about it. Throughout the entire process, he can be heard yelling “Oh mama,” in dog language.

Is that way of him expressing his gratitude for the spa day or is he simply voicing his concern over the temperature of the water? It’s hard to say, but he doesn’t seem to mind getting lathered up. Maybe he simply likes to feel fresh and clean. We can only assume that it’s never a struggle to get this furbaby in the tub for his weekly wash and he’s probably the cleanest dog on the block.

Commenters had a lot to say about the pup’s tub time…

“Very natural & funny! & Mum knows it! bless!”

Some thought it sounded like he was saying other things…

“Sounded like Hubba Hubba.”

“Silly people, he is saying Agua, Agua!”

And this is why we love dogs. They provide us with endless entertainment. It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of the population favors dogs.

One commenter shared how much she loves these four-legged friends of ours…

“What a beautiful dogs. Dogs are such amazing creatures. I much prefer them to people any day of the week.”