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Dr. Phil Was Tired Of Her Drama So He Stopped The Interview And Sent Her Home

Take note, Dr. Phil doesn’t take crap from anyone. Especially not a snotty young woman, who was a guest on his show and who he told, upon her complaint about another guest on his show: “Nobody tells me who to put on my show, including you.” That’s right, Dr. Phil isn’t messing around. At one point, he even wraps the interview up and sends her home!

Dr. Phil has had his fair share of bratty teens grace his stage and he clearly doesn’t subscribe to their brand of b.s. The episode was titled: “I’m In Love With Someone From My Social Media Who I Never Met,” so you can already imagine how bizarre this show could get. When he sat down with Bailey and first asked “Bailey, how are you,” she responded, “Not good.”

When he asked why, she said, “I was told that y’all brought someone here that I explicitly said not to bring.” Wow, she’s serving some major attitude right out of the gate.

Dr. Phil asked who she was referencing and Bailey responded, “My biological mother.” He then gave her the option of leaving — after all, he’s not forcing people to appear on his show. He added, “Because nobody tells me who to put on my show, including you,” and she said she’d stay, but he wasn’t done yet. Dr. Phil continued: “If you think you’re entitled enough to tell me who comes on here and who doesn’t, somebody is giving you a really bad message.”

Just to clear up everything, Dr. Phil brought out the producer that Bailey tried to throw under the bus, but he explains, “I’ll guarantee you she didn’t tell you that I agreed to not bring somebody to this show.” He added, “you may have told her you didn’t want that to happen, but she didn’t tell you that was not going to happen, I’ll promise you that… you may live in fantasy land, but I do not.”

Shut. It. Down. Naturally, everything was cleared up with the producer and Bailey definitely stepped down as she tried to explain what she thought she heard, looking entirely defeated.

He ended the whole exchange by telling Bailey, “so you can pout or be upset or whatever you want to do, but it is what it is and if you don’t like that, you can always go home.”

With all that cleared up and Bailey definitely softening her tone, they continued on with the show at hand. Bailey has an internet crush on Jasmine, but the object of her affection isn’t so cool with the online harassing via messages and social media. Jasmine tracked down Bailey’s mom, who told her to block her daughter, but the teen created fake accounts to keep the perceived romance going.

At one point, Bailey was laying the drama on pretty thick and Dr. Phil was so done with it, he said, “I think we’re just going to shut this down, we’re not into all this melodrama and you playing the victim and everything.” He added: “you’re saying the audience is making a spectacle out of you. That’s not what I’m about, that’s not what I do. I had you come here to help you and you’re saying people are making fun of you… I don’t want to be any part of that, I’m sorry.”

Dr. Phil explained, “I’m just gonna let you head on home,” telling her he “doesn’t play those kind of games.”