Drunk Man’s Eye Falls Out Of Its Socket, He Doesn’t Learn Why Until It’s Too Late : AWM

Drunk Man’s Eye Falls Out Of Its Socket, He Doesn’t Learn Why Until It’s Too Late

Have you ever been so drunk that you didn’t know what you were doing? If you’ve been to college in America, the answer might be yes. About 80 percent of college students drink alcohol and about half report binge drinking in the last two weeks. Well, one man experienced why it can be a very bad idea to binge drink, especially when you drink too much to know your right hand from your left.

As it turned out, the drunk man tripped while he was out and about. And when he fell, he unknowingly knocked his eyeball from his head. By the time he realized what he had done to himself, it was too late for doctors to do the work to reattach it. They were helpless and utterly stumped.

The man in question was in China when he slipped and fell, resulting in the knocked out eyeball. He was 26-years-old and was at home when the incident occurred.

By the time, the man came to his senses enough to seek help for his eye, it was too late as it had been detached from the socket for at least six hours.

After the incident, the man grudgingly admitted to reporters that he had been “too drunk” to remember anything about what happened during the accident that ultimately blinded him in one eye.

The man lived in the Loxia district of Jinan, Shandong province. It was late on Monday night when he slipped and knocked his eye out. His family only realized what had happened when they found him asleep in a drunken stupor while soaking in a pile of his own blood. When he got to the emergency room, doctors had no way to help him because his eye had been detached too long to be popped back in.

However, in their haste to get the 26-year-old man treated, the family had forgotten to bring the eyeball along with them. Doctors were shocked to see him in their care without his eyeball.

“The patient’s family in the hospital then received a phone call from home, saying someone had found his eyeball,” Dr. Ma Baofeng (pictured above) from the Department of Ophthalmology at the Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital told reporters. “The eyeball had been detached for at least six hours before the patient arrived at our hospital for treatment,” Dr. Ma said. “That is far too long for an eyeball to be outside of the socket and is definitely contaminated.”

Besides being outside of his body for so long, doctors also observed that the detached eye’s extraocular muscles and optic nerves had been damaged and torn. Because it was too late to do much good, surgeons just stitched p the wound to prevent further bleeding and infection.

The man’s eye socket may not be able to fit an artificial eye because muscles contracted after the original one popped out. He might just need to use a false eye to cover the socket.

When asked what happened, the man admitted that he was “too drunk” to remember the accident.

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