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Drunk Mom Who Left 2-Year-Old In Freezing Car Overnight Finally Learns Her Fate

Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world. From the time their child is born, most parents commit to doing what it takes to make sure their child is healthy, educated and raised to be a productive member of society. For a lot of parents this comes natural and being a mom or dad is a role that comes easy and is well-loved. Part of that role is having to give up things that we’ve done in the past, as we have taken on the ultimate responsibility of taking care of another human being.

While being a parent comes easy for some, it’s not so easy for others to give up the freedom that they had prior to parenthood.

Evidently, 28-year-old Nicole Carmon doesn’t take her role as a mom all that serious, considering she was arrested for leaving her 2-year-old son in the car during a snowstorm for 15 hours. So, what was Carmon doing while her son was left in a freezing car?

She was taking six shots of vodka in a bar in the Thornton Strip Mall.

When officers from the Thornton Police Department found the boy in the vehicle the next day, he was suffering from frostbite and hypothermia and the car was covered in six inches of snow.

When police questioned Carmon, she initially told them that she had gotten a ride after getting in a car crash, but she later admitted fault for her wrongdoing.

During the sentencing, the judge described Carmon’s actions as jaw-dropping and atrocious.

“I take full responsibility for what I did,”

said Carmon, as she was sentenced to eight years in prison after she pleaded guilty to felony negligent child abuse causing serious injury and attempted first-degree assault. When she is released she will serve three years of probation. She was originally facing up to ten years in prison.

It’s obvious that Carmon chose her own personal satisfaction over the safety and well-being of her child. And she failed to even get someone to look after her child while she went and got drunk. Had she simply gotten a babysitter and done the damage to her body on her own time, then she wouldn’t be facing such charges. Now, she won’t get to see her son grow up and will miss out on moments that most parents cherish. The sad part is that her son will have to go through his life knowing that his mother thought so little of him that she left him in a freezing car overnight during a snowstorm.

A person like this should not be allowed to be in a position to care for a child and if she can do this to her own blood than there is no telling what she is capable of doing to someone else’s child. Her actions were beyond irresponsible and proved that she isn’t equipped mentally to be a parent or even a pet owner for that matter. There are so many other caretakers out there that would be a better fit to parent this child.