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During Heated Love Making, Wife Accidentally Bites Off Husband’s Manhood; Report Claims

He always told her that he liked it rough. But when she got caught up in the “surge of excitement,” she took things much further than he ever desired. During an aggressive lovemaking session in Taiwan, a wife accidentally bit off her husband’s testicle. And when they realized what they had done, they called for an ambulance. During the call, the wife repeatedly says, “I accidentally bit it off! I accidentally bit it off!” And when the emergency crew arrived, the man was holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl.

The violent accident happened the day after Christmas in Taichung in West Taiwan.

We can only imagine the horrible screams the husband must have released after his wife chewed his testicle off during their post-Christmas lovemaking session.

Somehow he managed to remain conscious following the accident. And when emergency responders arrived, he was wearing a bathrobe and holding his testicle in a bowl. He was 51-years-old, and his surname is Wang.

A news website in Taiwan named Apple Daily reported that the 49-year-old wife with the surname Hsieh accidentally tore of her husband’s right testicle when things got out of control in the bedroom.

The emergency call was placed at about 2 am on December 26. She was screaming for them to send an ambulance after she accidentally castrated her middle-aged husband.

According to Apple Daily, the couple has been married for many years. And although they have two children together and have known each other for a long time, they still have a passionate love life. But perhaps it was a bit too intense.

Wang worked at a car repair shop and was enjoying the vigorous lovemaking session with his wife until she chewed his testicle off his body.

Paramedics arrived to find the couple panicking. They were waiting for them at the entrance to their apartment.

The paramedics had never seen anything like it before. But that did not cause them to hesitate. They rushed Wang to Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital. He was treated by the Emergency Room supervisor named Lu Li-hau.

Li found Wang’s scrotum to be torn apart. He sutured it back together, but he was unable to reattach the man’s testicle because he feared it would result in an infection.

“We were concerned that he would not be able to regain proper function of his testicle, which could lead to male infertility in the future,” Dr. Li explained.

Dr. Li does not know whether the accident has affected Wang’s fertility. And at the time of this writing, Wang is still recovering in the hospital. The injury appears not to be life-threatening.

Some reports indicate that the accident occurred during a “surge of excitement.” And Hsieh is reported, according to some sources, to suffer from a mental illness.

It is unclear if Wang will ever be able to forgive his wife for the emasculating mistake.

Fortunately, there are not many stories like this happening around the world.

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