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Dying Nurse Admits She Has Swapped Over 5000 Babies In The Delivery Room For Fun

While she is lying on her deathbed, a nurse who worked with mothers and babies throughout her career, smirked and then revealed the deepest, darkest secret she had kept hidden all her life. She admitted that while she was working in the maternity ward at a Zambian hospital, she “developed a habit of swapping newly born babies” as a way to mess with their mothers and “just for fun.”

Because the nurse, Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she wants people to forgive her for swapping an estimated 5,000 babies while she was serving at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.


There are a number of problems with her story. Firstly, people suspect it may all be a hoax. Nevertheless, it was reported in The Observer. Also, since many of the babies whose lives she ruined are grown adults, who will have to tell them the truth about their parents – that a cruel and psychotic nurse swapped them on purpose “just for fun.”

Now that this nurse is on her deathbed, the news agencies are reporting that she wants the public to ask for her forgiveness. Because she allegedly swapped thousands of babies during her time at the Zambian hospital, she would not have felt right passing away without getting “credit” for the pain and suffering she caused because she got into the “habit” of ruining people’s lives “just for fun.”

Although some people do not trust that this event really occurred, they are still alarmed by the very notion. Could you imagine a nurse secretly swapping babies in the hospital? The nurse if the person whom you trust most while giving birth. The nurse is the person who gives you your medicine and makes sure everything is comfortable for the new mom. To think that the nurse might have been secretly swapping babies “just for fun” undermines the entire system. The nurse should not have the ability to do that, but since they’re often alone with the babies, and there were no cameras in the hospital while nurse Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa was working there, there was no one to see her commit her crime.

It is a sign of cowardice not to die with this secret. After swapping as many as 5,000 babies throughout the course of her career, Mwewa was unable to hold onto the horrible secret and let it pass into the abyss along with her dark soul. Why should she come forward with this truth now? Do you think it would make things better? Or would ignorance have been better in a situation like this? It is hard to say because some parents or children might have felt that they were part of a family in which they did not belong – and thus would welcome the chance to be reunited with their rightful birth family. Others might despise knowing the truth. Moms might learn decades later that they spent their lives raising another person’s baby.

What do you think about how this nurse revealed her crimes from her deathbed, asking for forgiveness?

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