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Eight Siblings Put On Mom’s Sweaters And Give Her The Ultimate Surprise On Christmas Morning

There’s no gift quite as precious on Christmas as something completely unexpected. When these eight siblings got creative for the holiday, their Christmas surprise was nothing short of amazing. Their dance video not only won over their family members, but YouTube viewers found it entertaining as well and the video went on to become a holiday tradition for the brothers and sisters.

The Orgills first kicked off the idea in 2012, as they explained in their first video: “My family’s annual Christmas tradition is to make a dance to a Christmas song. It all began this year with our music video set to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’”

This 2016 video of the Orgill siblings explained in the YouTube description: “This is the 5th Annual Christmas Dance Video with a family of eight children. We are all wearing our mother’s Christmas sweaters.”

Joseph Orgill told TODAY that their annual tradition became such a hit they couldn’t stop! He explained: “It first started out as just a fun activity for us to do as a family together. As the years went on it turned into something we could all look forward to… people fly from out-of-state and practice for weeks leading up to it.”

In this video they dance to the Pentatonix version of “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Don’t expect any boring choreography like swaying to the beat or stepping side to side robotically — these siblings seem to up their dance game every year and this 2016 version didn’t disappoint.

It starts with what looks like one of the brothers standing, head down and arms at his sides, while four siblings lie on the floor. When the first note plays, however, a multitude of arms fly up behind the person standing and do a few different configurations while those on the floor also do some horizontal dancing. The standing siblings split off to help up those who were lying down and now the fun really begins, as they all look to the camera and take off with their dance moves.

There are plenty of fun bits before a little jazz hands break and everyone gathering in a circle as one sister enthusiastically lip syncs the high note, hands extended, and pushes the others to the sides.

Everyone does a bit of freestyle jamming and then land on a pose as the beginning of the next song kicks off with Mariah Carey’s signature introduction to the well-loved Christmas tune.

Half of the siblings move off camera while four of them do their thing, showing off some epic dance skills, before running off to give the others their time in the spotlight.

Of course, they all come together again, throwing in a little fun headstand by a couple of the siblings as another sibling does a back flip and then another person does an acrobatic move over the headstanders. The video ends with a dance party as other family members join in on the fun!

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