Elderly Veteran Visits Arby’s Everyday, But Has No Idea What The Staff Are Planning Behind His Back : AWM

Elderly Veteran Visits Arby’s Everyday, But Has No Idea What The Staff Are Planning Behind His Back

When an elderly veteran visited Arby’s for his usual daily meal, he never could have expected what would happen. Doug is a 97-year-old World War II vet who drives himself to the nearby chain restaurant and uses his walker to help him inside. He always orders the same meal: a roast beef sandwich with Swiss cheese and a Coke with no ice.

The man has explained to staff that it’s a meal that doesn’t bother his stomach disorder. He’s such a regular that the staff open the door for him, greet him, and escort the man to his favorite table and, if he’s unable to make it to the Arby’s, Doug has every staff member’s phone number and they’ll deliver lunch to his retirement facility.

When a man named Daniel Moloney was eating at the Arby’s on the same day as Doug, he and his mother-in-law were in awe of the special treatment that Doug received at the restaurant.

That day, Daniel witnessed the manager, Christina Gamage, presenting Doug with a special gift — the employees had pitched in and bought Doug $200 of Arby’s gift cards!

Daniel took to Facebook to share what he saw in the fast food restaurant that day, remarking: “With all the bad things in the world I want to tell you about a good thing. So please read this. I just saw it with my own eyes. I ask that you share it too. People are good!”

One of the managers, Daniel explained, told him that the staff bought the man gift cards because “Doug tells them they are family to him.”

When the cards were given to the man, the manager told him: “We love that you come in and see us… We really enjoy you here and we always want you to come back.”

Daniel further noted in his Facebook post: “Doug smiles and says ‘thank you. I never know if I’ll be here the next day, but thank you so much for this.’ The manager and employee pat Doug on the shoulder and they are all smiling. We both got a little teared up watching it. Let me tell you. This is one of those moments that make you happy to be alive. There are so many good people in the world. These employees selflessly put in their own money, so an elderly man could come in and enjoy dinner on what he never knew could be his last.”

Daniel continued: “Seeing the joy in the employees’ faces was great. To see Doug smile was awesome. Please be good with each other. Lift one another up and share goodness.”

He added, “I hope this brought you as much joy as it did me.”

This feel-good moment got the attention of the local news, which ran a piece on Doug and Arby’s. The manager told Fox 10: “He’s gone through a lot being a veteran, coming in, being in a retirement home, but he doesn’t have family.”

The good vibes don’t end there, however, as the Arby’s corporate folks got wind of the story and decided to give Doug free Arby’s food for life. The news piece also caught the attention of a local optometrist who offered the man free eye care and glasses.

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