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Elderly Woman Has The Same Routine Everyday. Has No Idea Someone Is Watching Her

It’s only natural to keep an eye on your neighbors when you see something different going on. When a young man noticed an elderly woman in the neighborhood struggling to do an outside chore, he knew he had to help. His kind gesture snowballed into providing a lawn service for others in his community. When Rodney Smith Jr. and his friend, Torrence Stroy, saw the 93-year-old neighbor struggling to mow her property, they came to her aid.

The blog Inspirational Strangers explains Rodney’s story — which started with a small gesture and snowballed into something much bigger.

A photo shows Rodney and his friend with the woman, explaining: “We did this sweet lady’s lawn today. She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out their trying to cut her own lawn. Have no fear, raising men lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!”

Rodney is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Service Huntsville, providing lawn care assistance for the elderly, disabled, and single parent mothers — for free. He explained the reason behind it, noting: “I am capable of cutting grass because I am young, I am able. A lot of elderly people are not able.”

He set an original goal to help cut 40 lawns, a goal he reached in a month and a half. Two months later he had mowed 100 lawns and started to recruit youth members in the community to help.

Rodney hopes to help raise kids in the community to become positive people who give back. He uses a karate system of advancement with his crew, with volunteers starting with a white shirt and, after they have cut 50 lawns, they get a black shirt. A white shirt represents 0-9 lawns, orange is for 10-19 lawns, green is for 20-29 lawns, blue is for 30-39 lawns, and red represents 40-49 lawns.

Each goal number hit results in a different color shirt and a certificate ceremony to congratulate them for their efforts.

The organization’s website explains: “Raising Men Lawn Care Service is the union of an ordinary yard maintenance service and the commitment to establish an inspiring program to keep our youth (girls & boys) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society. RMLS provides free lawn care to our elders, those who are disabled, single mothers and our veterans, who do not have the time, resources and/or money to manicure their yards.

Among the many comments left on the video about the lawn service were those who were blown way by this spirt of giving. One person remarked: “The world needs more Rodney Smiths.  Seems like a pretty incredible young man,” while another person commented: “Awesome heart warming story. I also mow my neighbor’s lawn every week. She’s a widow 80+ and so sweet, and very independent.”

Another commenter shared: “This young man lives in Huntsville Alabama, about an hour from me. I am a contractor and I work in Huntsville. I passed this man today on the interstate, loaded and heading out to cut yards. Amazing that he actually spends his free time doing one of the worst job for free. Keep it up brother, you are a hero in my eyes.”