Elvis’ Granddaughter Is All Grown Up Now And It’s Scary How Much She Looks Like The King (Video) : AWM

Elvis’ Granddaughter Is All Grown Up Now And It’s Scary How Much She Looks Like The King (Video)

Elvis Presley is a beloved musical icon who left the world too soon. His legacy lives on, however, with his granddaughter, Riley Keough, bearing a striking resemblance to “the King.” Those familiar with Elvis’ story know that he was born in 1945 in Tupelo, Mississippi and moved to Memphis when he was 13 years old. His music career started in 1954, followed by acting roles and being drafted into the military. His return from the service was marked by the rocker diving back into his career.

Elvis married Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967 and their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born in 1968.

Sadly, Elvis died in 1977 when Lisa Marie was just 9 years old. His daughter also made a name for herself in music and acting, and had a daughter, Riley Keough, in 1989.

Riley also pursued a career in acting as well as modeling. Riley was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film for her turn in the Starz drama The Girlfriend Experience.

You can definitely see some similarities in Riley’s facial features and her late grandfather, Elvis!

Comments at the Daily Mail’s story comparing Riley and Elvis included:

“What a stunner…Her hair, her eyes, her skin-beautiful, like a doll! Elvis would be proud.”

Another person, however, didn’t see the resemblance at all, writing:

“Sorry. I don’t see the resemblance…That girl could stand right next to me and I wouldn’t think she was a grandchild of Elvis Presley or daughter of Lisa Marie…Lisa Maria looks like Elvis. She has his eyes. Maybe the granddaughter resembles the grandmother but heck who would know. Priscilla doesn’t look like Priscilla.”

This commenter noted:

“Wow…I did not recognize her at first, she looks so different, she looks so pretty with this hair color. I think it’s good on her that she isn’t using her grandfather’s name to make a career for herself, she has moved away from singing and made a name for her self by acting…Elvis would be so proud of her, as for Priscilla I always get sad looking how she turned out now, she was such a naturally beautiful woman, and she had to change it.”

This commenter got a bit nostalgic, writing:

“I loved Elvis even though he destroyed himself with prescription drugs. To his credit he did not make much of a fool of himself in public apart from the last few performances. He had an infectious smile and was just an ordinary guy who made great records. Priscilla was an absolute cracker in her time, up there with the best beauties around, so sad to see her now. The granddaughter actually looks nothing like Elvis, Priscilla, or Lisa Marie but I have to say she looks a stunner. Elvis would have been proud. I still play his stuff a lot as it makes the modern stuff just sound what it is – rubbish. He was ahead of his time and he lives on. I wish he had along with others like Eddie Cochran Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison.”