Encounter Between Man And Baby Elephant Has Quickly Gained Fame All Over The World (video) : AWM

Encounter Between Man And Baby Elephant Has Quickly Gained Fame All Over The World (video)

Because of their size, elephants can be dangerous creatures. If they feel threatened or if they feel that their family is in danger, they will not be afraid to go into defense mode. Elephants are wild animals, but that does not mean that they are ferocious beasts. They can be extraordinarily kind and gentle. They are intelligent creatures that feel emotions and make decisions for their families.

But baby elephants are not much different than all other babies. While they may be a lot larger than a human baby or a puppy, they are equally playful and eager to have fun.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, a man has lied on his back. And when the video cuts in, a baby elephant comes rushing over and comes to the man lying on his back. But he isn’t planning on hurting the man or causing any injury. Instead, the elephant starts cuddling and giving the guy sloppy elephant kisses.

Although the clip only lasts for about a minute, it has given joy to countless people across the globe. While it is popular on YouTube, it also found fame on Facebook and other video viewing platforms.

You’ve probably heard about how elephants are intelligent beasts. But this is not just an urban legend. They truly are amazingly smart creatures. Scientific American admits that scientists and researchers have compiled a lot of evidence to prove the intelligence of these amazing animals. For years, they’ve known that elephants are one of the smartest mammals on the planet.

Ferris Jabr wrote on Scientific American, “Because of recent experiments designed with the elephant’s perspective in mind, scientists now have solid evidence that elephants are just as brilliant as they are big.”

But you don’t have to take Jabr’s word for it. He goes on to describe how elephants can manipulate items to make tools just like the cavemen did.

“They are adept tool users and cooperative problem solvers. They are highly empathic comforting one another when upset. They probably do have a sense of self.”

To think that elephants have a sense of self can be a mind-blowing concept to accept. Humans have long believed that we are the only ones who have such awareness. But if it is true about the elephants, the ivory trade only looks the more horrible for the brutality it has inflicted on countless elephants around the world.

The president and co-founder of PAWS, Ed Stewart, thinks it is inhumane to hold elephants in captivity. Because he considers them intelligent and social animals, he believes they need to be freed back into their natural habitat.

“Elephants should not be in captivity – period. With all of that brainpower – to be limited as they are in captivity – it’s a wonder they cope at all.”

The following are some comments from viewers like you who enjoyed the clip:

“Should have given him a belly rub and pet him. and kiss his cute little bitty face.”

“Oh my goodness, I want this to be meeeeee, I love elephants. She is so cute. It’s too much to handle. Those little hairs on top of his head add even more cuteness.”

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