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Everyone Has Onions In Their House, But I Bet You’ve Never Thought To Use Them Like This

When it comes to stocking up your house with produce, onions are often one of the staples. Alongside garlic and potatoes, onions are found in almost every kitchen in the United States, so long as the people there cook. But while you’ve undoubtedly chopped up onions for sautéing and salad toppings, you probably don’t know all these alternative uses that prove just how important onions can be.

Besides being great for food, onions can serve as a natural remedy. They’re high in sulfur and loaded with nutrients, which can help your body fight off bacteria. Also, they’re quite antiseptic, which means they have uses that you probably haven’t even considered.

Although Native American cultures and other healers from around the globe have tapped the power of onions for millennia, their usefulness has been mostly lost on modern people who remain ignorant to the possibilities. With this article, we hope to share some of this useful knowledge about onions, which the World Health Organization now recognizes as being effective for cough, bronchitis, congestion, and some respiratory infections.

If you want to battle a cough that’s been nagging you for some time, put down the cough medicine and pick up an onion. It might be just as effective if not more effective. Peel the onion and slice it in half. Then pour a tablespoon of brown sugar over each half and cover for sixty minutes. Then eat the mixture, which has become a relish, and it can help cure your cough. Why? Because onions are loaded with sulfur that has anti-bacterial qualities. Pretty neat, huh?

Besides being able to curb a common cough, the sulfur in onions also has anti-inflammatory properties. When you get sick, tissue in the body gets inflamed. This quality of onions can help reduce inflammation so your body can return to its regular function faster.

Fight congestion with onions when you turn a crushed onion into a paste with some coconut oil. Rub this paste over your chest and cover it with a dish towel for some time. Because of their antimicrobial properties, onions can act like an antibiotic, which can help your immune system fight foreign bodies. Also, the fumes from the onions can help loosen mucus built up in your chest to reduce congestion.

Hair loss can be stressful. But if you boil water with onion and then use that liquid as a pre-wash shampoo, it can help. It fights hair loss and even helps treat dandruff and dry scalp. The antioxidants in the onion water help curb hair loss while promoting the growth of new hair. Think of it as a natural booster for your hair and scalp.

Every parent of a colicky baby wants to soothe the infant. But it can be hard. Onions can help. Just a teaspoon of onion tea every hour can help the baby’s symptoms of colic ease since the tea helps relax muscles and regulate digestion. To make this tea, slice up a yellow onion and boil it in water. Let it cool to room temperature before serving to the infant.

Onions are a powerful natural remedy. Give one of these a try.

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