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Everyone In Church Was Enjoying The Choir, But We Lost It Once The Boy In The Vest Started To Sing

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, drop everything and give this video your undivided attention. We promise you won’t be disappointed! This video shows four boys performing in church and it’s not an ordinary church performance, that’s for sure. In fact, when the gospel quartet is introduced and the four nicely dressed boys take the stage, the crowd never could have expected what happened yet.

These boys don’t quite have the voices of angels, but something much, much better. They come on stage and get ready to break into song and when the first boy goes to sing, it’s a very mature man’s voice that’s heard.

Well, of course, they’re lip syncing to another quartet’s song, but their performance is undeniably hilarious and entertaining. The crowd and anyone who’s viewed the video were immediately sold on this young quartet… and then things got even funnier.

A little further into the song, the boy in the vest shows of his super low bass voice, which is hilarious in contrast to the others and, you know, the fact that he’s just a child. He later takes things a bit higher, until a bump from one of the other singers drops his voice down low again. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser, to say the least.

As they come to the finale of their performance, the bass hits a note that’s so low, he falls to the ground, leaving the rest of his singing group to finish out the song while he lays on the ground and throws a hand into the air.

Carmen Lais, who posted the video on YouTube, explained in the description: “Hey gang… if you have ever sung in a Gospel Quartet or just enjoyed them, this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time.”

Among the many comments left on the video were those who discussed the low bass voice heard. One person pointed out: “I had to share this with all those that are so amazed by JD Sumner’s voice — the bass voice on the recording — The late JD Sumner is in the world’s book of records for hitting the lowest note possible by a human being.”

Another commenter added, “Also… having known J.D. personally, he would have LOVED this!”

Many commenters remarked how the kid singing the bass part really sold it, with one person noting: “couldn’t stop laughing especially when that one kid hit that really low note, omg I was crying.”

Others were thrilled to see this type of wholesome entertainment, as one commenter pointed out: “Who says there is no longer clean humor that’s hilarious nowadays? These kids are great. Made my day.”

Another commenter added: “This is absolutely HILARIOUS! These kids did an outstanding job! Thanks for making my day! God absolutely has a sense of humor and I think He loves it when his people laugh a little, esp. at ourselves.”

Another person remarked: “As a conductor of an  ensemble that frequently plays in mass, a little humor lightens up the burdens particularly at Christmas time and encourages young people to be attracted to a less rigid approach to religion.”

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