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Everyone In The Restaurant Flipped Out When A Stranger Pried This Baby From Mom’s Arms

It was a Thanksgiving Day, Hannah Marie Jarvis would never forget. She was trying her best to enjoy a quiet, happy family dinner at the Golden Corral restaurant near her home in Hendersonville, North Carolina. But it was almost impossible to have a quiet and peaceful dinner because her seven-month-old infant was with her and her family. Although they were doing their best to keep the baby calm and happy, things were about to get out of control and leave Hannah in a vulnerable situation.

Because Hannah is part of a family of eight, they decided not to do a home cooked meal and instead decided it was easier to have restaurant workers make their food for the holiday. Hannah was happy about this because she was so busy with her infant that she did not have time to slave away in the hot kitchen while tending to every whim of her baby.

Hannah had a lot to be grateful for on this particular Thanksgiving Day. She was with her family and had a full plate of food cooked by someone else in front of her. And her seven-month-old daughter Calli was enjoying her bites of solid food, especially the mashed potatoes.

While Hannah was happily spooning more food into the baby’s mouth, a waitress noticed something odd. She realized that the baby’s funny faces were nothing to laugh about. Although Hannah and her family were happy to watch Calli squeeze her face and do all sorts of funny things, the waitress knew that those faces meant that the baby’s life was in danger.

The waitress did not know what to do, so she called out for help. Then Calli’s savior appeared and helped her survive to see Christmas.

As it turned out, Calli was not making funny faces as her mother thought, the infant was choking to death. Her grandfather Cimarron Waldrup was just getting back to the table when he realized his grandchild was dying. While the baby’s mom thought it was something innocuous, the experienced grandfather realized Calli was choking.

“The folks turned to my grandbaby, and that’s when that lady that saved her came up,” Cimarron told WLOS.

The woman, who was called to the table to save the baby, appeared and intervened just in time.

“This lady named Deborah intervened, and she started performing the Heimlich maneuver on her. She held her down, like this, taking multiple blows to her back. It was miraculous, she started breathing again. She told me her name is Deborah Rouse.”

Usually, the Heimlich maneuver works on adults, Deborah knew how to perform it safely on the infant. She knew exactly how to save the baby and dislodge the food from her tiny, clogged throat.

Hannah later shared her story about Deborah on Facebook.

“If anyone knows who Deborah Rouse is this lady is a hero! If it weren’t for this angel, my daughter probably would have been wheeled away in an ambulance today. Thank you for saving my daughter’s life and thank you, Trish, from Golden Corral who helped intervene as well.”

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