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Everyone Ran Out Of The Airport When The Flight Attendant Screamed These Words

Have you heard about the Alaska Airlines flight attendant who urged paying passengers to flee the airport? The woman had asked two men a “bizarre” question while at Newark International Airport in the New York City Metropolitan area and was stunned by their response. The flight attendant hit the panic button and sent nearly 200 passengers fleeing for their lives out of Newark International Airport in an incident gone wrong.

Now Alaska Airlines is apologizing on behalf of the flight attendant. Although she was doing what she thought was right, she did not respond correctly. She had spoken to two men in Terminal A and grew suspicious, so she sounded the alarm. As the two men fled the scene, the flight attendant screamed at the top of her lungs for all the passengers to get away as quickly as they could. Because she was wearing the airline uniform, passengers took her warning seriously. They fled the terminal in the international airport as quickly as they could.

However, Port Authority police captured the two men and interrogated them. They quickly confirmed that these men had done nothing wrong and had no intention of doing anything wrong. Instead, the men told police how the crazed Alaskan Airlines flight attendant had asked them “bizarre” questions, which scared them.

Because the flight attendant had not been satisfied with the men’s answers to her bizarre questions, they sound the alarm. Her freak out caused mass panic in the airport as people fearing for their lives fled as quickly as they could.

Although Port Authority confirmed that the flight attendant had asked the men a series of “bizarre” questions, they did not release information about what those questions were. We’re all dying to know, but our curiosity will just have to go unanswered. What we do know is the following.

The woman raised the alarm at about 8:30 pm after the men ran away from her.

A source said that the flight attendant told the police, “We got them. They are going to kill us all!”

The flight attendant was scheduled to fly from Newark to San Francisco. The airline has apologized for scaring so many people.

“We sincerely apologize for the experience of our guests, and other airline passengers had at Newark last night. Alaska Airlines values the safety of our guests as our highest priority. We’re conducting a thorough investigation to determine what occurred.”

Some passengers recorded video of the panic unfolding at Newark Airport. Travelers were so afraid of what was happening that they abandoned their luggage as they ran for their lives. You can’t take belongings with you into the afterlife.

People thought a mass shooting was underway.

“Insane situation here at Newark Airport,” David Lombardi, a passenger, tweeted. “They just told us all to evacuate and the whole terminal scattered. Bags left behind.”

He added, “I initially thought it was an active shooter. Maybe a bomb threat. Confusion and chaos.”

Erin Fors, another passenger, tweeted, “Most terrifying few minutes of my life. Being in terminal A at EWR about to board my flight when a flight attendant starts screaming evacuate. Absolute chaos. Currently standing on an active tarmac. I just want to go home.”

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