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Everyone Rolled Their Eyes When She Said She Was Going To Yodel, But Then The Music Started

It’s pretty hard to impress the judges on talent show television shows these days. There have been so many different varieties of shows and acts over the years, so the judges have pretty much seen it all. In order to stand out these days, you need to be more than just talented; you need to be unique. One young girl on Ukraine’s Got Talent managed all of that and more!

She approaches the stage apprehensively, wearing a blue and white checkered dress and her hair adorned into classic pigtails. The judges, audience and everyone watching at home had no idea what to expect out of her.

What happened next took every single person in the room by surprise. The music starts and she steps up, first with a little pep in her step. She has a lot of pep, as you’ll find out when you watch the video below!

She isn’t all attitude though, as she soon proves to the judges. The blond-haired performer starts belting out an absolutely breathtaking song with her own particular yodeling technique.

The judges are awestruck at her talent, simply unable to comprehend the spectacle that is going on in front of them. She may have started out with a typical southern drawl in her voice, just seconds later her yodeling magnificence makes itself evident.

One particularly energetic judge begins to clap and dance along to the music, and many in the crowd join him. They are enjoying the treat that this talented girl is giving them, just eating up her entire performance.

Her initial yodeling gives way to her true talent – a full on yodeling masterclass, live and in front of a massive studio and remote audience. Millions of people have seen the clip since and almost every single one of them couldn’t look away until the very end.

She instantly became a crowd favorite that day, and she’ll never be forgotten in the history of this small Eastern European nation’s talent show television series. Ukraine’s Got Talent has even been featured on AWM.com before, but nobody has ever come close to reaching the heights of this brilliant young performer.

One of the highlights of the video is the studio audience dancing along to her brilliant, peculiar song. They can’t stop rocking along to her music and it is an absolute treat to watch. It’s rare that people just let loose and let it flow with the music, but this crowd seems to have no problem giving in to their more groovy urges and shaking their hips.

Unfortunately, the clip ends before we can see the reaction of the judges or whether she made it on to the next round. We can only hope that she went on in the competition and didn’t lose that creative spark that makes her such a joy to watch.

“The best yodel I have ever heard yet,” said Youtuber E.Michelle. “So clear and clean!”

“I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIS,” commented another.

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