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Everyone Stopped To Take Out Their Phones To Record Her As Soon As This Teen Started Singing

Talent is undeniable. While it might make people jealous and green with envy, when we see someone who has a God-given talent, we know it. Whether it is in their voice, like how they sing, or in the way they use language to write poetry or stories, like Shakespeare, talent is something that everyone wants, but not everyone gets. And because people feel left out of the talent pool, they’re understandably jealous.

But with hard work and perseverance, anyone can achieve great things in life. Sometimes hard work is what gets someone noticed rather than his or her talent. All the talent in the world won’t get a person anywhere if they’re not willing to work.

One teenager decided to take her guitar out to the street and belt out Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Because this song just sounds good and has been covered by dozens of artists over the last few decades, it is a song that most everyone recognizes. The song gives a lot of room for creative interpretation. That’s why many artists cover it. The song allows them room to express themselves, their unique style, and still deliver a performance that is memorable and different from all the rest.

Allie Sherlock fell in love with the song when she was a young girl. And soon after that, she took her passion for music to the streets of Dublin, Ireland. She yearned to perform in public, so that’s how she decided to make her dream come true.

The people of Dublin quickly realized that Allie was talented. And they knew they were going to see her name in lights someday. But Allie only played her guitar in public. For three years, she plucked away at the instrument for change without opening her mouth. Then she decided to change that. Finally, she sang songs and accompanied herself with the guitar.

With a modest setup on the street, Allie sings “Hallelujah” in her husky voice. With people rushing by to go about their business in the big city, they could not deny Allie’s voice and stopped themselves to listen. She captivated the people of Dublin that day when she belted out the hit-song “Hallelujah” for the people.

Soon a crowd of dozens gathered around her. They were falling in love with her voice and her talent. And the people of Dublin were stunned. They couldn’t believe her voice. Why hadn’t they heard her before? Why wasn’t her voice all over the radio? Why wasn’t Allie Sherlock’s name in lights?

While that would all come in due time, that day on the Dublin sidewalk, Allie sang and played, and the people danced and swayed. They were gazing at her with complete attention. She had captivated, hypnotized the people of Dublin with her singing.

Since this video went viral, Allie flew across the “pond” for an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. After that, she signed a recording contract with Ryan Tedder, who serves as a front man for OneRepublic and works as a writer and music producer.

When Allie sang, the world could not deny her. Now she has her name in light.