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Everyone Told Her She Was “Too Fat” To Dance. But Once The Music Started, They Ate Their Words

Ever since Lizzy Howell started going for her dream, she has come up against a wall of resistance. Although she is a super dancer, people do not believe in her at all. Instead, they often ridicule her and make her feel like trash whenever she explains that her dream in life is to be a ballet dancer. Because she has been bullied because of her size, she has felt like giving up many times throughout her journey to become the best – but she continues to go after her ballet dreams with gusto and passion.

After years of relentless practice, Lizzy Howell has become a very proficient dancer. Proficient is actually an understatement. She is amazing! Because she is a big girl, no one she knew would believe her whenever she told them that she was an able ballet dancer. They’d scoff and laugh at her and tell her that it was impossible that “ballet dancers are skinny.” Lizzy never believed the hype, and she proceeded to prove that she was better than her haters.

When a video of her dancing was published to the internet, it went viral. People were amazed as they watched their prejudice get proven wrong. Not only was Lizzy able to nail every single ballet move she performed, but she also did it with the utmost grace and professionalism – just like you’d expect to see if you paid $100 per ticket to go the ballet.

Although the video showcased Lizzy and did a great job of making people respect her, it also solidified people’s views around her. Because they saw Lizzy dancing, they started to identify her as a big girl. It has been a few months since her video went viral, and now Lizzy is coming forward to tell the world that she is more than just her body type. Unfortunately, that is how she feels.

In a celebrated event, dance photographer Jordan Matter escorted Lizzy to a dancewear store in New York called Capezio. She had been selected for Matter’s new video project called “Dancers Among Us.” He loved Lizzy’s story about persistence and passion in the face of adversity.

Lizzy’s mother passed away when she was just five-years-old. That loss triggered her weight gain, which has been hard for her to stop. Her aunt took Lizzy in and gave her a home. It was through her aunt Linda Grabowski that Lizzy first started taking dance classes. She immediately fell in love with the art form and wanted to dedicate her life to it, and that’s when she started hearing the rote responses about how she was too big to dance.

“Dance is her outlet for all her emotions, good and bad,” Linda said. “She persevered. She wanted to drop out many, many times.”

Now she has become a viral sensation. Her dance moves are amazing, and she is inspiring other girls to follow their dreams.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Lizzy said: “If you are being told you should quit doing something you love, don’t quit! It’s one person’s opinion, and honestly, if they can’t see how happy it makes you, their opinion doesn’t matter. Only yours does.”

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