When a zookeeper put a whale’s health at risk by “flaunting himself with the whale,” he revealed his true nature. Not only did the animal-training professional show that he did not value the wellbeing or the life of the whale in question, but he also exposed himself to tens of thousands of people online who expressed their outrage at the mistreatment of the majestic whale in captivity.

Decades ago, whales were kept in captivity and trained to the whims of their zookeepers. Now, times have changed. Whales are given a lot more protection in various parts of the world. However, some cultures and countries continue to hunt whales for their resources and social impact.

Footage from the ocean park in China revealed how that zookeeper treated the beluga whale much like a surfboard. Not only did the man sit atop the whale and ride it like a motorcycle, he then stepped on the animal’s spine and stood to go for a free ride. Footage from the abusive moment has gone viral because the zookeeper thought there was nothing wrong with the way he treated the majestic whale.

Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens are outraged that animals are still treated that way within the borders of their country. And when the footage passed across the Chinese border and was introduced to the rest of the world, more people from the global community contributed their comments of outrage to the growing conversation.

Chinese users are now calling for zoo guests and other animal enthusiasts to boycott animal performances like this that focus on the mistreatment of the animals to please and the audience in attendance.

When the aquarium came under the microscope, their media team told the local media outlets that their workers and their animals often share such close interactions for the entertainment of the audience.

The footage was captured in secret by an animal worker who was outraged with the whale’s mistreatment. The worker is employed at the Luoyuanwan Sea World in Fuzhou in Fujian province. The aquarium spans fifty acres in the southeastern China province and is famous for hosting performances like this feature whales and dolphins. But not only do the animal handlers do performances with beluga whales and the like, but they also force sharks and other sea creatures into unnatural positions.

The animal worker shared the footage to China’s Weibo app along with the caption: “[He] often flaunts himself standing on top of the beluga whales by posting videos on a live-streaming platform. [The videos] have an extremely terrible social impact, and [we] hope relevant departments pay close attention.”

People on the Chinese social media platform quickly joined the conversation to express their anger.

“Reject animal performance! This is imprisonment and cruelty towards animals!”

Another one replied: “Whales and dolphins are supposed to live in the sea but are now confined in small prisons. They are forced to perform and work for aquariums every day. It’s all cruelty and torture!”

What do you think about the animal performance in China’s Sea World location?

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