Everyone Was Enjoying A Day At The Beach. Then The Landslide Started (Video) : AWM

Everyone Was Enjoying A Day At The Beach. Then The Landslide Started (Video)

A day at the beach was anything but relaxing when a landslide began and suddenly those beachgoers enjoying the area were put in harm’s way. Video captured the horrific moment that the landslide hit the Navagio beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante. Seven people on the crowded beach were injured following the natural disaster.

The fire brigade and coast guard officials were conducting a search following the landslide as a precaution, in the event anyone was trapped beneath the rocks, according to one official.

Lynette Bridges remarked that her tour boat had pulled up to Shipwreck Beach when the stone fell and crashed into the sea below, capsizing boats and flooding the beach.

Bridges explained: “We started to hear this almighty cracking sound and the first lot came down quickly followed by the second lot. The noise and the sound and the amount of rock that came down was unbelievable.”

She added, “It was like Dunkirk, all these people coming to the edge of the water, all these boats of people coming to get them and all this panic.”

In the video, the rock is seen splitting and crashing below, sending up a cloud of waves as stunned and panicked tourists flee the area.

Sharon Robinson Palmer also noted that there were people snorkeling and sunbathing near the cliffs when the landslide occurred.

Additionally, Josh O’Connell shared details of the boats in the bay and hundreds of people in the area, noting: “The rock that fell, oh gosh, it would be like a four-story building falling onto the beach.”

When the large rock landed, it created hug waves, as O’Connell noted: “I thought more was coming and with the size of the waves coming towards me I just started running. The water hit my feet with such force that it knocked me onto my back and covered over half of the beach.”

It was, as he noted, “chaos” with people trying to get to safety on boats.

Other beachgoers, including Paris Jade Thorpe and Wendy Thorpe, spoke of the ordeal, saying: “We went to take some pics for my daughter’s portfolio and took a phone selfie before getting out the main camera. We were last in queue to get off the boat before we got off and an almighty crash was heard we saw people running up towards the back of the boat screaming.”

Thorpe added: “I looked up and saw another smash of rock come away and a giant wave hit the small boats and debris hit people on the beach. They were trying to scramble and then a giant wave hit, rocked and capsized the boats. I then took phone footage.”

She continued: “My daughter ran up the back of boat to get me and we thought more rocks were going to fall, everyone was screaming and asking the boat crew to move out but they were taking other people off the beach onto our boat.”

The coastguard later noted that everyone on the beach had been accounted for.