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Everyone Was Enjoying The Music, But Then We Noticed What The Drummer Was Doing

When you sit down for a concert, you expect everyone in the band to groove with one another. But in the video below, the drummer is clearly showed up for the wrong gig. Although he is wearing a matching outfit and seems to fit in with the fellas on the stage, the way he is playing is entirely out of character for the music they are grooving to. But it was this strange performance, and the video below that has skyrocketed the drummer to fame.

The clip went viral and even got the drummer, Steve Moore, who also likes to go by his stage name the Mad Drummer, instant celebrity status. His video was watched more than 44 million times and counting and even earned him a guest role on NBC’s “The Office.”

Although the video below is titled “This Drummer Is at the Wrong Gig,” he really is in the right place at the right time.

In the video, watch as the band, with the Mad Drummer driving them forward, plays ZZ Top’s famous hit “Sharp Dressed Man.” Although the song is performed well on its own merit, with the Mad Drummer on the stage, you cannot look away.

As you watch, your eyes will be drawn to the Mad Drummer in the back. His playing is flamboyant and outrageous and absolutely awesome. You’re not going to be able to look away. What’s awesome about his playing is that he manages to lay down a simple beat while throwing out all sorts of tricks and flare. He flips his sticks and spins them around and manages to hit every downbeat with precision. He is a true master of the instrument.

The performance is both impressive and hilarious. He certainly seems to be at the wrong gig.

While musicians have appreciated the Mad Drummer’s performance for some time, this video introduced him to the mainstream. And when they saw what he was capable of doing, he became a viral sensation.

Vice ran an article on the Mad Drummer after his viral fame reached new heights. And they applauded him for leveraging his new-found fame to launch his music career.

The article author wrote, “Laughs aside, the future seems extremely bright for Steve Moore. In addition to working on the next traveling show, he’s hoping to do a clinic tour and continue to spread the gospel of The Mad Drummer. It’s unfortunate how many people don’t take advantage of their viral video fame. This does not seem to be the case here.”

Viewers shared thousands of comments about Moore’s performance in the YouTube sensation. Here were some of the most remarkable comments:

“I don’t know what kind of magic the drummer is using, but he’s got his spell on me.”

“He rocks!”

“I love it!”

“He’s enjoying himself more than you!”

“That drummer’s talent level far exceeds the rest of the group combined. Mad respect to him. Plus, he looks like he was actually having fun. It’s okay that’s allowed and actually encouraged.”

Millions of people love Steve Moore’s performance. What do you think about the Mad Drummer?