Everyone Was There Watching The Dancers, Until We Noticed This Toddler Was Putting On His Own Show : AWM

Everyone Was There Watching The Dancers, Until We Noticed This Toddler Was Putting On His Own Show

There’s almost nothing as pure as seeing a young child just joyously dancing… but this toddler is totally next level. He’s so captivating, in fact, that you focus on what he’s doing more than the professional dancers behind him. Luckily his mom or a family member captured his sweet moves on video and this kid sure knows how to dance!

Little ones typically don’t have the same worry about looking foolish in front of people. This little boy clearly has no issues with letting it all go and just feeling the music, so that’s exactly what he does. In the background, a group of dancers perform, but it’s the little boy who steals the show. He starts by touching his heels outward, first one, then the other, while moving his arms, then turns to see what’s going on behind him, making sure he’s keeping up with the routine.

He gives some little turns, then gets his hips in on the action and mimics what the dancers are doing, sweeping an arm out while turning, first one way, then the other. Then it’s back to his original move, keeping in perfect time to the music and having the time of his life.

The boy then steps up his game, strutting forward along to the music, giving another spin and then returning to the step touch move. He then travels around more, arms outstretched and gives an all around bouncy performance. Sadly we don’t get to see if he has a big finish, but his dance moves are definitely on point for such a young boy and his happiness is infectious.

Does he do all the dance moves as well as the dancers putting on a show? Of course not, but dang if he doesn’t give it a 110% and hit some of the same choreography pretty well. His ability to feel the music and keep in time with the beat is pretty impressive, given his young age. Here’s hoping he takes this love of dance and music and never stops because he clearly has some impressive skills.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the YouTube video were those who were all around impressed, with notes such as: “That kid has better moves than I do,” “wow he knew the entire routine,” “such good coordination!,” and “Just ADORABLE with some GREAT dance moves.”

Others noted how happy this clip is, with one person saying, “Whenever I’m sad, I just watch this” and another commenter sharing: “Damn cute. Watching this video makes me smile and smile.”

Still others believe this kid has a future in dance, with one person saying: “Here we have a future K-Pop star” and others remarking “this kid seems extra coordinated for his age,” “He is actually doing it better than the actual dancers,” and “Awww, that kid is going to grow up to be a professional dancer.”

Another commenter noted: “WOW!!! At his age I could barely walk, let alone dance, let alone dance properly!.. You cannot teach a kid at his age how to dance, this is all natural talent!!”