Everyone Was Too Scared To Help This “Werewolf” Until Woman Realized The Heartbreaking Truth : AWM

Everyone Was Too Scared To Help This “Werewolf” Until Woman Realized The Heartbreaking Truth

A dog in truly horrifying condition, who looked like he was on death’s door in fact, got the help of a rescue organization who gave him a new lease on life. The dog was spotted by the side of a road in Madera Ranchos, California, skinny, balding, his skin in poor condition and his tail broken. The scary sight prompted many to call him the werewolf.

Given his appearance, it seemed many passed him by, but when one person posted a photo on Facebook, hoping for help for the animal, Megan Bowe, founder of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pups, came to assist.

Megan explained to The Dodo: “I was about ready to cry when I saw how bad off he was. He was really on his last leg. He was depressed and could barely even stand up.”

The German shepherd mix was neglected and in very poor health, so she took him to an emergency veterinary clinic. The dog appeared to be relieved to have someone reach out a helping hand.

She named him King and the veterinarian had a long list of issues the dog was suffering from, including several diseases and injuries that included the broken tail as well as a broken pelvis. The dog was just a year old, though his haggard appearance made him look much older.

Megan explained: “My vet thinks he got hit by a car, and that would explain how his tail was so messed up, too. That injury happened months ago, because by the time I got him it had already started to heal incorrectly. And with such a damaged pelvis, he wasn’t able to get around very far on his own to look for food, so he was extremely skinny and dehydrated.”

Megan took him in, putting him in a quarantine area in the garage so he wouldn’t infect the other animals. She needed to help him with weight gain so he could have the necessary pelvis and tail surgeries, so she nursed him back to health by introducing small portions of food and increasing the amount over time.

He saw a drastic improvement after just a month and could finally have the surgery, which was a success.

King followed up his surgery with some rehabilitation, as the vet recommended daily walks to strengthen his legs. Once he’s fully recovered, he will be available for adoption.

Megan has provided regular updates about King on Facebook, sharing photos of him after his surgery where he looked like a completely changed animal. A side-by-side before/after comparison really shows how far King has come.

One commenter noted: “What a good boy!! I can’t wait till he finds his forever family. Hope it is soon,” while another remarked: “He looks so much happier and at peace. Thank you for giving him him this chance at a healthy life, maybe his first ever.”

Another person added: “King looks gorgeous. Most people wouldn’t have spent the time.. the dog would have ended up in a shelter and euthanized. He’s a blessed pup.”