Experiment On Live TV Ends In Disaster, Everyone Is Calling The Scientist An Idiot (video) : AWM

Experiment On Live TV Ends In Disaster, Everyone Is Calling The Scientist An Idiot (video)

Being a TV host can be a glamorous job, but at times it can also be very dangerous. Hosts are often tasked with doing things out of the norm and getting up close and personal with people or things that aren’t always the safest.

Recently, an Australian TV Host was almost seriously injured when a science experiment went severely wrong during the live segment of the show, “Studio 10.”

Jacob Strickling, who is a science teacher and well-known YouTuber, had been a guest on the show and he was trying to showcase how Coca-Cola bottles could blast off like rockets. After mixing liquid nitrogen into the bottles and turning them upside down. As Strickling was filling one of the bottles, the show’s host, Natarsha Belling held it but she was a bit confused as to how to hold it and when she asked Strickling for assistance he informed her that he had done it twice and she should’ve been watching.

This is just moments after they launch two successful bottle rockets.

“We’ve got to do one more,” said Strickling, who sets up for another round.

Belling asks if the experiment is safe to do at home and he doesn’t seem to have an answer for that. He goes on to tell her to hold the bottle upside down but when she does, the bottle launches directly toward her face.

It was in that moment that the show went from a piece on an interesting science experiment to what could’ve been a major disaster. The bottle that Belling is holding blasts off when she doesn’t expect it and it misses her face by an inch tops.

When she recovers from the incident, her hair is spiked up every which way and the audience is laughing hysterically. She seems a bit shocked but she has a smile on her face. She goes on to say that she can’t hear out of her right ear.

Commenters shared their thoughts and several pointed out the stupidity when it comes to using liquid nitrogen…

“I can’t believe people think playing with liquid nitrogen is safe. that shit is not safe for toying around and there are these wannabe scientists who promote that kind of shit, like find some other kid-friendly science shit to do, you ain’t Bill Nye!”

“This “scientist” is completely irresponsible, putting the security of everyone at risk.”

“Unbelievable. What is this? A group of stupid kids? Or adults close to death and laughing about it? Most stupid thing ever. Really scary.”

“Bad instructions poorly followed. Her last words would’ve been “I wasn’t watching.”

One commenter mentioned that fact that the goggles do nothing to protect them from these so-called rockets.

Let’s hope that there weren’t any curious children watching this segment and trying to copy this experiment-gone-wrong.

Evidently, the so-called scientist is more interested in making book sales than checking in on the host who nearly lost her face…

“What disgusts me is how he instantly promotes his book instead of checking in and seeing that everything is fine and shit. Disgusting society.”