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Experts Say These Are The Snacks You Can Eat Before Bed Without Gaining Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably know that you need to adjust your diet and exercise. If you don’t change how much physical activity you do or the foods you put in your body (including your favorite drinks), then you’re going to do a whole lot of wishing and not much “resulting.” But even if you do your best, sometimes you just want a snack before bed. And if your stomach is grumbling for a meal and won’t let you sleep, rest assured that experts have identified some snacks that are not going to ruin your weight loss dreams.

If you’re planning to fall asleep within the hour, eight snacks are available for you to enjoy. Below we will go through the list and discuss why these choices are wise ones for your waist size.

Whole-grain cereal

If you’re craving something before bed, a bowl of cereal with a bit of milk might be a good choice for you. Choose a brand of cereal that is low in sugar and made with whole grains, though. Otherwise, you could be doing as much damage to your figure as eating part of a candy bar.

String cheese

Getting to that “I’m full” feeling usually requires two necessary things: protein and fiber. And string cheese certainly has some protein. Compared to other snacks, it is low in calories and won’t take much for your body to break it down as you sleep. But it will help you go to bed without needing to feel like you’re starving. That’s a victory.


You know how you get sleepy after a good Thanksgiving Day meal. Well, turkey is filled with the amino acid tryptophan, which works with the chemicals in your brain to make you feel tired. Not only does eating turkey make you feel a bit sleepy, but it’ll also make you full because it has protein. This is an excellent snack to eat before bed so remember it.

Greek yogurt

The non-fat variety is high in protein without the added fat calories. This fact makes Greek yogurt a staple for late-night snacking. And if you’re into variety, add Greek yogurt to your diet in addition to another one or two of these eight late-night snack choices. But don’t go for flavored yogurt, because those varieties are loaded with added sugar and will add inches to your waistline.

Chocolate pudding cup

Who said you couldn’t have chocolate before bed? Eat this, and you’ll feel good. Your endorphins will start flowing, and you’ll be able to drift off to sleep satisfied and satiated. Just don’t have more than one.

Apple slices and peanut butter

When eaten together, apple and peanut butter have tons of fiber and protein, making the combo a great late-night snack. Give your stomach a reason to feel good about being full. This sweet and healthy combo will do it for you.


Baby carrots are good for your gut and a healthy choice no matter the time of day. So snack away before bed on these.


Bananas have fiber and are tasty. Plus, they’re fat-free and a good dessert.

What late-night snack will you add to your grocery list?