In 2002, the world was rocked by a terrorist attack that rivaled the carnage of the September 11 attacks in the United States. The mastermind behind the bombings of Bali, Indonesia, 82-year-old Abu Bakar Bashir, was jailed for decades but has now been released from imprisonment because he completed his jail term. Despite his role as one of the leading extremists in Indonesia and the spiritual leader of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) network, the Indonesian government must release him from prison because his term has come to an end.

Bashir found freedom on Friday “in accordance with the expiration date and the end of his term,” corrections directorate general Rika Aprianti said in a statement. JI has been linked to several attacks in Indonesia. Its members have trained across the world in places including the southern Philippines, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Bashir is most famous for his role in the 2002 attack in Indonesia that killed hundreds of people. Of the more than 200 people who lost their lives when bombs exploded in Bali nightclubs, more than eighty of them were Australian nationals. The following year, the JI claimed credit for an attack on the JW Marriot hotel in Jakarta, which ended the lives of twelve people.

Although Bashir denies a connection to the Bali bombings, a senior JI operative was thought to have created the bombs that were used in both violent attacks.

The news media is clamoring for comment from Bashir or his lawyer. However, the legal professional has not responded to the request for comment regarding his client and has remained silent about the extremist’s upcoming release from prison.

Security analyst Ridlwan Habib admitted that Bashir is now a frail old man, but that won’t stop current extremists from using his image to increase the power of their message as they look to execute more attacks in the area.

“Bashir is a senior figure in Indonesia’s jihadist movement, and it’s not impossible that his big name could be used,” Habib said

Readers of Daily Mail shared dozens of comments about the release of Bashir. Many people were outraged that his prison term was so short.

“I truly loathe bleeding hearts. Fifteen years x 365/year is 5,475 days. This means he served a whopping 27 days for each of his victims. How is that in any way justice for the victims and their families?”

“Well, guess what, Trump released a man who did pretty much the same in the ME.”

“Execution for drug smuggling, fifteen years for the murdering fanatic,” one person wrote about the double standard that law enforcement follows in Indonesia.

“How many of his supporters will take to the streets on Friday to celebrate his release?”

“I’m not great at math, but if he was jailed in 2011 and is being released now, I work that out as ten years, not 15.”

“It was premeditated murder! their laws allow for the death penalty! Time to get rid of this monster once and for all before he is on the news again with another bombing!”

What do you think about the release of this extremist?

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