Family Investigates Attic After Hearing Noises, Discovers What’s Been Living In It The Past 4 Years : AWM

Family Investigates Attic After Hearing Noises, Discovers What’s Been Living In It The Past 4 Years

Most houses go bump in the night. But after a Florida family started hearing strange noises coming from their attic for far too many days in a row, they knew they couldn’t let it go. They needed to investigate and find out what was causing all the ruckus. Because no matter how badly they wanted to believe that the house was “just settling” or the wind was just “knocking a stick against the window,” they knew these noises had nothing to do with that. And by the way they kept changing from night to night, the Florida family knew that something ALIVE was making all the sounds in the attic. The family thought it was just rats or squirrels or some other kind of pest, but the truth was much scarier. They may have ignored the sounds for four years, but when they finally realized what was living in their attic, they knew they had to act – fast.

Bob van der Herchen loved his family home in Englewood, Florida. But there was always a bunch of noise going on upstairs. His family thought they had a rat infestation or mice, but never bothered to call the exterminator. It was just one of those things they decided to ignore and hope it just went away.

“I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe it was rats,” van der Herchen told WESH.

But one day, van der Herchen’s son went into the attic and discovered the truth when he came face to face with a 6-foot long boa constrictor. The large snake had been calling the family’s attic its home for years.

The son told dad that the snake was in the attic. But van der Herchen thought the boy was off his rocker. But after a thorough investigation, he determined that the boa constrictor certainly was up there and wasn’t going anywhere.

“It took three and a half minutes for that snake to move into that rafter space…it was bigger than I expected,” van der Herchen told WFLA-TV. “It was actually bunking in the rafter space right above the Florida room chair where my wife sits.”

Van der Herchen has some experience removing pests and other critters. He is hired as the local bee removal specialist in his part of Florida. And although he is an expert at getting the buzzing bees out of homes and yards, this snake posed a more dangerous and difficult challenge for him.

Check out the video below to see this massive snake for yourself!

Because it was new territory for the bee guy, he recorded his encounter with the boa constrictor as a video he’d post to Facebook.

“Been distracted from bee removals by a boa that was living in our attic. Only in Florida!” he wrote.

Now that he knows the source of all the attic noise, van der Herchen told WESH that the snake had probably been living in the attic for two to four years. That seems to be spot on because these snakes can live a long life of 20 to 30 years.

Because his family was not comfortable with the squatter in the attic, van der Herchen was proud to report that the 6-foot boa constrictor was removed from the family’s Florida home.