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Family Is Stunned After Their Dog Dies From Eating Brownies

When a family pet suddenly died, its family wanted to know why. Fortunately, they were able to identify the cause after doing a little bit of digging, and the results startled them. The dog, who was a Vizsla named Ruby, could not resist the family snack that was left out on the counter – but eating it would prove to be a mistake that would kill her all because of one unsuspecting ingredient.

Ruby had devoured a tray of brownies. And while chocolate can be harmful to dogs, it was not that ingredient that ultimately put an end to the dog’s life. It was the sugar substitute that killed Ruby, which is something most people would consider a healthy item. Now Ruby’s family – led by Kate Chacksfield – is stepping forward to warn you and any dog owner out there about the dangers of xylitol.

When Ruby got sick after eating the substitute sugar brownies, Kate could not believe what was happening. The dog was hooked up to oxygen and soon passed away all because of xylitol.

Kate and Ruby, who were living happily together in West London, England, were met with disaster after the dog devoured the sweet snack when she was not supposed to.

Brownies were something Ruby had eaten before. While they had made her sick, they didn’t have any lasting effects on her health. They were something she ate, got sick from, and then moved on with her life. Chocolate can be toxic for dogs but was not fatal for Ruby.

But this time, the sugar alternative ingredient, not only got Ruby sick, it killed her. Within thirty-six hours, Ruby was in critical condition and was unable to recover from it.

Kate has since admitted that she would have rushed Ruby to the vet if she had known that xylitol was dangerous to dogs. But since Ruby had survived chocolate poisoning before, Kate didn’t think it was serious. She never thought the sugar substitute had the power to kill.

Xylitol is derived from alcohol and is used as a sugar substitute. It is anything but natural. But since Kate was trying to shed weight, she dropped the sugar and used xylitol instead. It proved to be a fatal mistake once Ruby got into the brownies.

When dogs ingest xylitol, they can suffer from liver failure, low blood sugar, seizures, and death. This low-calorie sweetener is extremely harmful to dogs. But could it also be harmful to humans?

“I had no idea how serious eating natural sweeteners was for dogs. The photos of her on life support still make me cry,” the grieving dog owner said.

After Ruby got taken to the vet, the care amounted to a $13,000 veterinary bill, and still, the dog died.

She said, “I only made brownies with xylitol in it to reduce the amount of sugar I was eating.”

If she knew it was dangerous to her dog, she might never have even purchased the ingredient.

“It takes just a quarter of a teaspoon of sweetener to harm a dog,” she said.

Be careful if you use this ingredient.

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