Family Is Terrified When Elephant Charges At Them. Realizes He Just Wants To Join In On The Fun : AWM

Family Is Terrified When Elephant Charges At Them. Realizes He Just Wants To Join In On The Fun

Elephants are extremely majestic. They are the largest land mammals on the planet. And they are extremely intelligent. While their size is their most noticeable quality, they are also blessed with a gentle natural – so long as their little ones and families are not threatened.

As you can imagine, guests at the Elephant Sands Lodge in Botswana were in awe when they saw a giant elephant. But when the massive creature started walking toward them, they began to get scared.

Thankfully, the tourists did not freak out. They remained still and allowed the elephant to approach them. This space allowed the giant elephant to feel comfortable around the tourists. But they had no idea that it would want to join their pool party.

While the swimmers thought the elephant would just get close enough for a sniff, they were shocked to see that it wanted to get in the water with them. As you’ll see in the YouTube video included below, the elephant gets close enough to splash in the pool and even inspect it.

The guests were smart not to interrupt the elephant. They understood that this interaction is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Even if they came to Botswana numerous more times throughout their lifetime, they would probably never see another wild elephant wading into the hotel pool.

Because the guests did not overreact, the elephant came closer. The guests remained silent and watched as the elephant entered the water. The giant wild mammal then began to sip water from the pool. Guests watched in awe as the magnificent creature cooled itself down during the hot Botswana day.

Although we are lucky to see this on camera, the Elephant Sands Lodge website admits that this does happen more than you’d think. Because there are a lot of elephants in the area, they see the creatures far more often than you might suspect, hence their name.

The African hotel explains that elephants are not the only uninvited guests to come over and greet the guests. Lucky tourists will see giraffes, wild dogs, kudus, buffaloes, impalas, leopards, ostriches, warthogs, lions, porcupines, mongooses, zebras, and even more wild African animals. While they’ll not always come as close as this elephant did – and depending on what the creature is I doubt people would want them too close – the lodge is clearly a wonderful place to get the African safari experience.

In the video, you’ll see the elephant sip from the pool and enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the filming of this video. If a tourist had freaked out or started screaming, the elephant might have reacted much differently. Thankfully, the guests at the lodge were there to observe the animals rather than harm them. Thus, the elephant felt safe and unthreatened as the tourists filmed its walk into the pool

This incredible footage has been viewed more than 12 million times at the time of this writing.

What is your reaction to this marvelous footage? Have you ever seen a wild elephant?