Family Of Sextuplets Recreate Iconic Family Photo 6 Years Later, And It’s The Cutest [video] : AWM

Family Of Sextuplets Recreate Iconic Family Photo 6 Years Later, And It’s The Cutest [video]

Everyone agrees that babies are always a blessing. While raising them and paying for them might seem like an insurmountable challenge, the creation of a new life is absolutely amazing. While these little bundles of joy might seem like spawns of Satan at particularly trying times, at the end of the day, they’re absolutely worth it.

But as you can imagine having six at the same time must be super challenging. So, back in 2010, when Rozonno and Mia McGhee gave birth to a set of sextuplets, they were overwhelmed as parents, to say the least.

They had endured ten long years of trying to have kids until they eventually undertook the in vitro fertilization process. And the result was six times what they expected…

When they learned that the procedure had worked, they were shocked. But they never expected it to be six babies growing inside Mia. That was even more shocking!

Because their brood was so impressive, the McGhees took an adorable family photo of all eight. The result turned out to be a viral image that was shared thousands of times all over the internet.

The family gained fame, not only because of their viral photo, but because they were featured on OWN and TODAY. Now the family has their own reality show on the UP network called Growing Up McGhee. They’re a sensation to say the least.

But now the McGhee sextuplets, Elijah, Isaac, Josiah, Madison, Olivia, and Rozonno Jr, are all six years old! Boy, how time flies!

To commemorate their birthday that coincides with how many babies were born, they posed for the iconic family portrait one more time. This time, the six children climbed on top of dad and mom just like they did when they were infants.

Watch the video below to see the updated picture!

It’s amazing to see how much these six siblings have grown. So adorable!

Since the sextuplets have joined the McGhee family, the four boys and two girls along with the parents are all doing great. But the parents did not always feel so secure about this unique family.

As part of an interview with their popular reality show, Mia gave an interview where she admitted that the thought of raising six children at once terrified her. She admitted that the first thing she did when she learned about being pregnant with six children was to pray to God.

“[I said] God, you’re blessing me with too much.” She goes on to say overwhelmed by what she was given by her Creator. “It was really hard to comprehend and know what was going to happen next.”

Now, raising six children at once is a breeze. No more diaper changes. No more breastfeeding. But now they have to contend with their unique personalities. And when they reach puberty, that’s going to be a whole new challenge.

But for now the McGhees are one big happy family. And they’re overjoyed to share their new family portrait with the world – and are so grateful for their grand family.

What do you think about this new family portrait? Is it cute?

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