Family Saves Piglet From Slaughter, Raises It As Their Pet. Here’s Him A Year Later (video) : AWM

Family Saves Piglet From Slaughter, Raises It As Their Pet. Here’s Him A Year Later (video)

Years ago, the only time you heard about a pig and a person being on the same property, you were likely looking at a farm. However, in recent years, it has become more common to keep this type of animal as a pet. Pigs face a lot of abuse and inhumane conditions throughout the country and this has resulted in a lot of people who have the time and space to start rescuing them and making them a member of the family. A recent story focuses on this and a pig was not only rescued, but it got the chance to live a truly remarkable life with a loving family.

Millions of pigs spend their days packed into cramped cages just waiting to be taken to a slaughterhouse. Some people believe that pigs in this situation are aware of what is happening and know that the end is near and that their already tragic life is going to end in the worst way.

In Australia, a person was driving behind one of the trucks that packs in pigs and takes them to a slaughterhouse. At first, the driver did not know what was being transported and then all of the sudden, a pig poked its head from the truck and the driver knew right away where the truck was going.

There were a number of pigs on the truck, including one that was just four months old. As the vehicles made their way down the road, one pig jumped out. At just four months old, this is one brave pig considering the vehicles were driving at full speed when it jumped.

Immediately, the driver that was behind the truck stopped and checked on the pig. The little pig was alive, but appeared to have some rather serious injuries to deal with. The driver grabbed the pig and went straight to Mandurah Wildlife Rescue, an animal welfare organization in the area. The staff at the facility did not hesitate to start evaluating and treating the little pig for its injuries.

Unfortunately, the injuries were so significant that there was a strong chance that the pig was not going to get through the night, but this little guy was not going to give up.

The pig recovered and the person who found him brought the pig home to meet the family. They named him Wombat and he quickly settled in like a cat or a dog would. While this pig has some scars from his ordeal, he lives a truly wonderful life. He has other abused animals living with him and he gets lots of attention and love from humans of all ages.

This story could have turned out so much differently. It just proves that animals can understand their situation and that humans do have the power to save them.

Pigs are still considered a bit nontraditional when it comes to pets, but as you can see with this story, they can be a great addition to the family. Would you ever consider a pig as a pet?