Farmer Spots Teens Trespassing On His Land, Responds By Punishing Them With Hard Work : AWM

Farmer Spots Teens Trespassing On His Land, Responds By Punishing Them With Hard Work

A North Texas farmer took swift action after his land was visited by trespassing teens who tore up the soil when they went “mudding” following some recent rainfall.

The owner of the land “took the law into his own hands” and doled out a round of punishment that fit the crime.

Clint Rutledge will sometimes find that his land has been torn up by trucks when people spin out in the mud. Instead of calling the police on this occasion, he set out to “teach them a lesson” by giving the teens a job to do – restoring the land that they had damaged.

In an interview with WTHR, Rutledge noted: “Some of these kids these days don’t know what hard work and what us farmers go through. So they got a little dose of that on Saturday.”

Rutledge put them to work for an hour to fill in the ruts they left behind and was satisfied with their work, though he said it will “take years” for the soil to return to the way it was.

He noted: “Hopefully they learned their lesson. Maybe they’ll get more out of that than a fine or anything.”

Those who commented on Breitbart’s coverage of the story were impressed by the farmer’s just punishment, with one person writing: “We need a lot more of this kind of disciplinary action if we truly want what’s best for our kids. This taught them a lesson they will always remember.”

Another person wondered, however: “I’d love to hear from the kids. An hours work instead of dealing with the police? They got off easy and I hope they took it good naturedly.”

Others responded: “I’m not so sure that it was getting off easy. Moving water-soaked soil is not easy” and “The work is hard, but it teaches some things that are priceless. Respect and a work ethic. That is worth millions.”

Another commenter believed the work would give the offenders some perspective, noting: “It was the best way to handle it, wasn’t it. He is right, the kids today they don’t understand hard work and most of them are too stupid to even realize their food comes from a farm, they think it comes from the supermarket. Make them work to fix their damage, they may not be so eager to wreck another.”

One commenter shared a similar punishment, but involved the parents as well, and it was very effective: “Did the same with some kids destroying mailboxes, but we made their parents come help them erect the new ones. Word got around. Our county road was free of such mischief for many years.”

Others on social media weighed in, with one person noting: “Best way to teach punks a lesson is to force them to clean up their own messes and fix the damage they caused.”

Another person shared a similar experience: “I and a couple of friends repaired a farmer’s fence in the dead of winter. We hit an ice patch, went through the fence. Difference is, we went up to the farmer’s house and volunteered our services. More of these kinds of acts need to happen.”