Fast Food Worker Gives Cop A Free Brownie. The Next Customer In Line Tries To Get Him Fired : AWM

Fast Food Worker Gives Cop A Free Brownie. The Next Customer In Line Tries To Get Him Fired

When a fast food employee saw a police officer walk into the establishment, he knew right then and there that he was going to treat that cop with respect. Zachary Randolph knew that since the officer put his life on the line to protect and serve his community, Randolph wanted to offer the cop some special treatment that he would not offer any other customer, which upset other diners at the fast-food joint.

Randolph is a student, and like most American students, has to struggle to make ends meet. Because he’s desperate for cash, he works at Great American Cookies in the mall in Texas, where he makes a few bucks an hour that helps him fuel his college lifestyle. Because he knows that he’s not going to be stuck in the sweet shop for the rest of his life, he has school to thank for that. He performs his job with a smile and a happy demeanor. He always has a smile to share with customers and a wish for them to have a blessed day.

But some customers tried to do their best to ruin Randolph’s life, and they almost succeeded.

While the day was like any other day Randolph worked, on this occasion, an armed police officer was waiting in line. When the cop reached the front of the line, Randolph eyed his gun while the cop eyed the cheesecake brownie. Randolph, oblivious that every other customer was watching their interaction, handed the cop the cheesecake brownie and told him that he did not have to pay for it. Randolph said that he’d take the expense of the brownie out of his own paycheck as a way to thank the officer for his dedication to the Texas community.

The officer thanked Randolph and devoured the brownie. Then he put his hand on his firearm and went back to duty.

The next couple approached the registered and ordered their food. Then they asked Randolph to give them their food for free just as he had the police officer. Randolph tried to explain that the officer’s food had not been free, but that he’d bought it for him with his own money. He explained to the freeloaders that he’d done it because the cop risked his safety for the community. It was a gesture of gratitude.

That did not sit well with the customers. They asked him to be fair, but he said he could not because he only had enough money to pay for the cop’s sugar brownie. That’s when the customers accused Randolph of discrimination.

Randolph’s manager rushed to the scene. He listened to the upset customers and managed to calm them down. However, when he heard what Randolph did, he suspended him without pay. He also said that he might be terminated for violating the rules like that.

Randolph returned to his mother’s home in tears. When he told her that he was suspended for buying a cop a brownie, she was outraged. Randolph’s mother rushed to her son’s defense and now has helped her boy’s story go viral.

That’s when the manager showed up at Randolph’s home and apologized.

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