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Fast Food Worker Stood Up On His Break And We All Got Chills Listening To What He Had To Say

Fast food restaurants give us much more than a quick bite to eat. They are a place where we can rest our weary feet and meet with a friend over milkshakes. They are an American tradition. And while they have changed a lot over the years, at their core, fast food joints do the same thing they’ve always done, which unites people around good-tasting food at affordable prices.

Because prices are low, these restaurants attract all sorts of people. As a result, sometimes these places are locations for random acts of kindness where people help give people in need a bite to eat.

At a Chick-fil-A location, customers got a lot more than they paid for when one of the restaurant’s workers stood in front of the door during his break. While most other workers would want to get as far away from the restaurant as possible when they didn’t need to be on the clock, employee Dontarius Jamel Young wanted to give back to his community. It was Veteran’s Day, and he decided it was high time that someone honored America’s veterans. Right there, while he was on his break, he sang to the entire restaurant to celebrate the brave men and women who fight for America overseas.

What song did this young man choose? He started to belt out “Proud to Be an American,” right there in the fast food restaurant. And all the customers turned to him and listened to him honor both his country and the warriors who fight for its freedom.

Dontarius stood where everyone could see him. He wanted all in the restaurant to revel in his patriotism and joy for America. And they did. Many people watched Dontarius with teary eyes. Others took their phones out to record this Chick-fil-A hero. But not only was the song choice spot on, but his quality of singing was also exceptional. Instead of ignoring him, they sat in rapt attention listening to his rendition of the song and reveling in his ability to honor those who have fought for the country.

Frances West managed to capture his performance on video. The description of the clip states that this performance was delivered on Veteran’s Day back in 2015.

Hundreds of thousands of people watched this recording. And many people left comments on the YouTube video.

“Awesome. A vet deserves things like this. I appreciate every vet that has served our country. Thank you”

“Beautiful voice. Shouldn’t be working in fast food…should be making music for the world to hear.”

“This man gave me chills and as a marine, firefighter/paramedic, I say to him, ‘OOH-RAH!!!’ He is in my prayers and my heart!”

One veteran shared his joy in hearing Donatrius sing.

“I’m a vet of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. I appreciate this very much.  Almost brought me to tears. It’s people like you that make me proud to be an American.”

What do you think about this young man’s voice and his respect for America’s veterans? Do you think a record company should pick him up and share his voice with the world?