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Father Accidentally Saves His Son’s Life, 9-Months After He Was Kidnapped

Imagine being out shopping and running into the child that you lost due to an abduction just nine months ago. This is a story that seems to be too strange to be real, but truth is stranger than fiction This is exactly what happened to a Chinese father who went to a store while still grieving over the loss of the son that he never knew he would be able to get back.In China, the man was at the mall and he literally bumped into his abducted son. The boy, who is just six, was abducted nine months earlier and the man never knew if he would ever get a chance to see his son again. The men the boy was with were suspected to be human traffickers. The father immediately sprang into action and called the police to come and arrest the men. He did not wait to get his son, however, he went right up to him and took him back.

The three suspects in this case went to Local People’s Court and each of them were given some time, but not nearly enough. One was given six years, one three years and the other two years. This hardly seems long enough, especially to this child and his father who experienced one of the absolute worst things a parent and child can ever go through.

The man saving his abducted child was caught on video, and it is easy to say that he is definitely a hero. He did not waste a second going up to the child, pushing the bad men out of the way and taking his child back. Thankfully, he was able to get his son back to safety without further incident.

The young boy in this case went missing in May of 2016. According to the People’s Daily his abduction occurred in Qingyuan, Guangdong at the Matang Village. Chen Zhonghong, the child’s father, was at work the day that the abduction happened, so he left his son at home to watch television with his older sister.

About two hours after Chen had to leave for work, a neighbor came by to check on the kids to make sure that they were okay. The child’s older sister informed the neighbor that a neighbor came and took her younger brother. It is not known exactly how the abduction occurred or why. It is also not known why one child was left behind.

Police and the family worked tirelessly for months trying to find this child. It was an act of fate that allowed Chen to find his son and finally bring him home.

The judge in the case believes that the three men had the intention to sell the child, as well as other children that they abducted. The person who was considered to be the ringleader of the trafficking operation received the longest sentence, but Chen does not believe that any of the three men are being punished severely enough for abducting his son and putting him and the entire family through such a heinous experience.