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Fed Up Teacher Loses His Control When A Student Physically Threatens Him

When a teacher is faced with an out-of-control student, he or she has two choices. The teacher can remain calm and show the student compassion. Usually, the student is acting out because they face serious problems at home or in other parts of their lives. The teacher is often just the convenient person to lash out toward. The other choice teachers can make is to fight back. And that’s what one teacher decided to do after a student confronted him.

When the student approached the teacher and got in his face, the other students knew the confrontation was just heating up. One student took out a phone to record the violence that was about to occur. Although the clip is only 30 seconds long, it captures the complete altercation that happened between the student and his teacher.

The student bumps his chest against the teacher’s. This causes the teacher to lose complete control over his faculties and his ability to use reason. The teacher pushes the student back toward the desks.

Because he lashed out at the student, the teenager retaliates. He lunges at the teacher with his fist. But the educator dodges the attack. Then he comes under and grabs the student at the waist. The teacher pushes with his legs and lifts the student into the air only to bring the student down on a desk in a body slam that left everyone stunned.

The fellow students let out a yelp as they watch their teacher use excessive force to subdue the student. And after the body slam, a fistfight breaks out. The other students are forced to intervene, putting themselves in danger, to stop the teacher and the student from pummeling each other.

Eventually, the teacher and student are separated. Then the teacher struts over to the student he was fighting, but another peer steps in front of the teacher to block his way.

Throughout the altercation, other students are screaming, which makes it impossible to hear what the teacher and his student say as they fight each other in the classroom.

When the video ends, students have cornered the teacher and the aggressive student on different sides of the room like they are between rounds in a boxing match.

The video first made its appearance online on July 31, 2017. But it has experienced an online revitalization after World Star Hip Hop posted it again this week.

Based on the footage, it is unclear where the brawl took place. But it certainly appears to be in a classroom in America.

Viewers across the internet are shocked that the teacher responded with such fury and violence after the student confronted him. Instead of showing the teen compassion, he showed the young man his iron fist.

Mail Online readers shared their reactions, which included:

“The teacher, morally, should be ‘bigger’ than the aggressive teen. He should be allowed to defend himself, but the retaliation was overkill. That reaction is akin to stabbing someone because they bumped into you!”

What do you think about the teacher’s reaction?