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FedEx Driver Secretly Shovels Porch For Widow On His Route After Her Husband Dies

It seems that with every year that comes and goes, there are fewer and fewer good people out there. More people seem to be out to better themselves and only themselves and aren’t willing to lift a finger to help a person in need. That’s why it is inspiring and reaffirming to see moments like in the video included below when people go out of their way to help people who are in need within their own community.

One FedEx driver did something that the world could not ignore. Because he was delivering to a widowed mother, he decided to lend a helping hand. The woman, Leigh Ann Skoda, had recently lost her husband after a seven-month battle with cancer. He was only 42-years-old at the time. With three children to raise, Leigh was in a very tough situation. That’s why it was with much appreciation when the FedEx driver went out of his way to shovel her driveway.

Leigh Ann, now a single parent, was left to raise the three children all by herself and run the entire household in the small Nebraska town. Because her husband passed away just as the snowstorms were starting to hit her part of Nebraska, she had to add snow-shoveling to her massive to-do list. It was just so much for the young mother to deal with while grieving the loss of the best man she had ever known.

Thankfully, FedEx driver Brian Scholl reached deep into his heart to do something kind for Leigh Ann as she mourned her husband’s loss. Because he knew a bit about her situation, as he is the main person who delivers packages for the neighborhood, he pulled up just in time to do a good deed to help her.

Leigh Ann saw Scholl and decided to ask him to help her shovel the driveway. He was happy to oblige the young mother who was recently widowed.

Not only did Scholl shovel the recent widow’s driveway, but he also gave her his number so she could reach out to him whenever she needed some help. He empathized with her situation and told her that he was there for her in case she needed something more.

However, Scholl then did something without her even asking. He came back to her property after a snowstorm and out of the goodness of his heart, he shoveled her walkway and her driveway. The entire act of kindness was captured on Leigh Ann’s doorbell camera. Scholl didn’t knock on the door to get recognition, he simply did the work without being told to do it, and was happy to provide a bit of relief for the young mother who was recently widowed.

Because he did it without being asked, Leigh Ann did not know who did it at first. She had to review the doorbell camera footage to see it was Scholl. She uploaded the video along with the following message:

“Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages. Our FedEx guy stopped and out of the kindness of his heart, scooped my sidewalks. I truly feel like we cross paths with people for reasons. Thank you, Brian Scholl, for just being you, and being one of the people who truly ‘get’ our situation!”

What are your thoughts about this FedEx driver?

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