Two British paramedics find themselves in hot water after posting a video to TikTok where they show themselves dancing in the back of an ambulance. The two female paramedics, who were captured dancing in the video, were on the job while they decided to take a moment to film the TikTok video, which has since gone viral. Rhianna Higgins, 25, and co-worker Hattie Proctor were on break when they did a “little boogie on break,” as Higgins described it, but TikTok users blew up at them with fury for seeing the first responders enjoying themselves while taking a break from the job.

Because the video was recorded while the pair were on duty – although on break – from their work with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, people on social media were not happy with the content, nevertheless, Higgins proudly shared the video, which has gone viral on the Chinese-created social media platform, which was helped into more people’s feeds with hashtags #emergency and #uniform as well as #999, which is the British version of the 911 phone number.

The video shows Higgins and Proctor performing a racy dance in the back of what appears to be an ambulance. Although they recorded the video and shared it to social media in an effort to contribute something fun to the online conversation, hundreds of people lashed out at the pair for finding time to enjoy themselves during their busy day as paramedics.

“And people wonder why it takes three hours for one to turn up,” wrote one critic.

Another person commented: “Now I know why my nan didn’t make it.”

Other people questioned why the female paramedics were making TikTok videos. Although they were on break while they recorded the clip, people felt that they were wrong to use the ambulance for the video while they were in uniform.

“Shouldn’t you be saving lives?” asked one person.

Another user added: “Wow, god help us all if we call 999 when all they think about is TikTok.”

While the video clip was divisive and upset hundreds of TikTok users, the dance party in the back of the ambulance also brought joy to many people. By sharing the clip to TikTok, Rhianna Higgins was able to bring smiles to people’s faces.

“Great video, clearly states they were on a break! Probably trying to relax after saving a life!” one fan wrote.

Other people pointed out that the pair of female paramedics were on break when recording the video.

“They’re on a break, can’t fault them,” one woman wrote.

“8 minutes to get my dad and save his life eight times over. Massive respect to ambulance services!”

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust published its rules on employee social media usage.

“At no time will using social media be allowed to take priority for the staff member; their treatment of patients and the ‘day job’ will always come first,” reads the YAS staff social media policy. “If a member of staff discloses they work for YAS, they should ensure their profile and related content is consistent with how the Trust would expect them to present themselves at work.”