Firefighter Climbs Up Ladder To Save Cat In A Tree. What Happened Next Had Us All Screaming : AWM

Firefighter Climbs Up Ladder To Save Cat In A Tree. What Happened Next Had Us All Screaming

Everyone has heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat. Cats tend to be mischievous and sneaky, always ending up in the place you would least expect them. They often can go missing for days, even weeks and then show up like nothing happened. They might be a little skinnier after, but most cats are far more capable in the wild than we give them credit for.

Not all of them though, as one recent story from Ukraine showed. A cat was stuck in a tree, and not just any tree. This tree was over 50 feet tall, and the cat was all the way at the tip top.

No one owned the cat, so nobody really knew how long it was up there. But a crowd gathered once someone noticed the poor kitty stuck at the very top of the tree, and someone called emergency services.

Soon a firefighter showed up, only to realize that he was in no way prepared to save this cat. He sent off for some backup and a massive crane was brought in to haul one of the firemen to the top of the tree. It took a while for them to figure out an exact plan, and then it was time for action.

Armed with a net, one firefighter was lifted up towards the cat. It took longer than you might think, but 50 feet is pretty high to be off the ground on a crane. Soon he made it to the top and everybody started cheering – for a moment at least.

The tension was weighing down the air as the crowd watched with eager eyes. The firefighter began to coax the cat out of the tree, using soft words and holding his net up for safety. The cat refused to budge, no matter how sweet and kind the firefighter was trying to be.

One minute turned into two, then into five. The crowd grew restless, hoping for some happy solution to this frightening situation. Suddenly the cat made a move – but nobody could have expected what happened next!

Down below, two other firefighters were waiting with a soft blanket to warm up the kitty once it made its way onto the crane. The cat decided it didn’t want to go to the crane, and instead jumped out of the tree and plunged 50 feet down to the ground.

The crowd was silent, the moment still as the cat sank down and down closer to the earth. The two firefighters moved swiftly underneath the cat, barely managing to arrange their blanket into a soft landing spot.

After this wild ordeal, you’d think the cat might be a little grateful. It’s a cat though, so it bolted off without a second to waste. The situation ended about as positively as it could given that a cat fell 5o feet and almost smashed into the ground. As they say, cats have 9 lives – this little guy just used up one of his.

Have you ever seen such a bizarre animal rescue?