Firefighter’s Dashcam Footage Is Recovered. Shows How Fast The Wildfire Engulfed His Unit : AWM

Firefighter’s Dashcam Footage Is Recovered. Shows How Fast The Wildfire Engulfed His Unit

Wildfires have been around for thousands of years, but in the last several hundred they have become a serious hazard for human beings. As we inhabited more and more space, the place where the bushfires occur became closer and closer to our homes. When a particular bad fire occurs, sadly many of those homes are destroyed – and people can lose their life.

Firefighters work every day to help prevent anyone from being hurt or killed by a fire, but sometimes the fire just gets out of control. While the wildfire specialists do their best to contain the burning blaze, all too often it overcomes all the strategy and technology we have available.

California was home to catastrophic, record-setting wildfires in 2017. They destroyed thousands of homes, burned neighborhoods to a crisp and became the costliest wildfires in U.S. history. While it has fallen out of the news cycle, we need to remember those 42 people who died in the flames.

In 2015, a rapidly moving bushfire began to overtake the Pinery area of South Australia. It killed two people, sent 90 to the hospital and claimed the homes of 87 families. Firefighters fought the blaze as hard as they could, but it proved to be too much in the end.

The fire burned over 200,000 acres of South Australia, especially the Balaklava and Roseworthy areas. Firefighters spent days trying to bring the fire to a halt, but it wasn’t an easy task by any means.

Stunning dashcam footage was released after the fire went out, showing just how fast a blaze like this can spread. In the footage, the fire truck starts out moving forward to get closer to the flames. The firefighters wanted to counter attack, but the fire had other ideas.

They get closer and closer to the heart of the fire, and visibility continues to get worse and worse in the tense footage. The firefighters needed to act smart, because one mistake could cost them their lives.

Moments later, the flames quickly began to spread and approach the truck. The driver of the truck slammed it into reverse to try and get out of the way, but it was more complicated than that. There was only one issue – the car with the dash cam was actually blocking the road behind them.

“Here it comes! Here it comes!” you can hear one firefighter say on the recording.

With a huge smash, the fire rescue truck runs into the car with the camera. The smoke is rising around them and the moment becomes tense. Finally the trucks get in motion, just in time to see the fire raging all around them.

Luckily, this footage didn’t result in any deaths and the firefighters were able to make it out of this potentially tragic situation. The truck finally gets away and the firefighters are out of danger and ready to recoup. This is just one example of the heroic work that these men and women do to keep us all safe.

Have you ever seen live footage quite as dramatic as this?