Firemen Rush Rescued Pups To The Vet, But Vet Turns Them Away Because Of One Crucial Mistake : AWM

Firemen Rush Rescued Pups To The Vet, But Vet Turns Them Away Because Of One Crucial Mistake

When an incident started with good intentions, it ended in a nightmare. A group of firefighters rescued puppies from the storm sewer after a Good Samaritan called them up and reported hearing cries coming from the drain. The firefighters took one look into the gutter and could not deny the obvious sight. Black newborn puppies were wriggling about clearly without any support or a mother.

The Colorado Springs firefighters took the puppies in and rushed them to the veterinarian to be checked. But when the firefighters rescued the animals, they made a mistake, a major mistake.

The firefighter put on gloves and reached into the cylinder to save the puppies. He pulled eight little ones out. They were straggly but adorable. And they were completely innocent.

Because the babies seemed to be without a mother, they took them to the vet. They wanted these puppies to survive and thrive. The animal rescue shelter was their best hope. But when the vet examined the puppies, they told the firefighters that the puppies could not stay at the shelter. The rescuers were stunned. Why not? It was because a firefighter made a mistake.

The puppies were not puppies at all. They were red fox kits or cubs. Fox moms often search for small bins and containers outdoors to deliver their litters. And mom was probably out getting food, so she had enough energy to nurse the babies to good health.

Travis Sauder of Colorado Parks and Wildlife admitted that the firefighters made a mistake when they took the fox cubs away from their mother’s hiding spot. They should have left them there. Mom had not abandoned them. She was just gathering food.

People need to leave wild animals alone. This little of red fox cubs should never have been taken from their place in the sewer. The firefighters were surprised to hear this, but they did as requested. They brought the cubs back to where they found them and left them to be reunited with mamma.

Because they don’t know if their mom is still around, officials plan to monitor the cubs. If the mom fails to return or rejects them, then they will intervene in their lives and get them the care they need. A wildlife rehabilitation specialist will take them in and make sure they grow to become mighty red foxes.

According to the British site Animal Corner, “The Red fox is the most widely distributed and populous canid in the world, having colonized large parts of Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. In the British Isles, where there are no longer any other native wild canids, it is referred to simply as ‘the fox.’ The Red Fox pre-breeding season population is estimated to be 258,000.”

In the video below, you can watch the situation that occurred with the red fox pups in Colorado Springs. The firefighters were trying to do their best and didn’t know they were taking foxes out of the wild.

If you saw these cubs in the wild, would you have known they were foxes? Or would you have thought they were puppies too?