First This Mother Dressed Up In Lingerie For Her 4-Year-Old, Then Things Went From Bad To Worse : AWM

First This Mother Dressed Up In Lingerie For Her 4-Year-Old, Then Things Went From Bad To Worse

In Ukraine, a 26-year-old mother has been arrested for an unspeakable crime. She allegedly dressed up in sexy lingerie and filmed herself engaging in sexual relations with her four-year-old son before she sold the clips to a network of pedophiles and sex predators who eagerly await such content on the dark web. The mother has since been identified and arrested for the horrific abuses she committed to the innocent boy.

After police found the video, they got a warrant and raided the 26-year-old mother’s apartment looking for evidence. She lived in the city of Vinnytsia, which is in the Vinnytsia Oblast region of the country. As soon as police busted down the door and got into the apartment, evidence was everywhere. They found numerous video files stored on her computer, showing the illegal actions taking place.

The mother’s name has not been released since it would compromise the identity of the victim – her son. The woman was selling the heinous footage for just $112 each.

In total, the young mother filmed and sold about 30 videos of herself and her son engaging in criminal activity. She earned around $3300 for them in total, which is a very small price for something so horrible. Something that can break a child’s psyche for the rest of his life.

Besides the video, the woman also photographed her son in pornographic positions. She happily sold that content on the dark web as well. In other words, this mother was willing to prostitute her four-year-old son for cash.

While the police were raiding her home, she allegedly told the police that “young woman got in touch with me via email and offered me a job. I had to search online for children who would be willing to take part in porn shooting for money. I was supposed to film the children at their home while their parents are away or invite them to my place.”

Because the Ukrainian mother was in a desperate situation, she decided to sell the lewd images on the dark web so she could entertain pedophiles and sex predators.

“Also, I had to look for parents who would not mind to let their children be filmed in porn clips for money. Then she offered me to try it with my son saying that there is nothing to be afraid of and I agreed.”

Police did not want to believe that her story was true, but the evidence was abundant. They took her into custody and confiscated her computer with the sinful material on the hard drive to use in the investigation as evidence. They also wanted to learn more about the pedophiles and sex predators buying the content from her.

A spokesperson from the police said: “Police gathered evidence against a 26-year-old resident of Vinnytsia who filmed sexual intercourse with her four-year-old son for a long time. ‘The suspect had been selling the footage to foreign clients. For each clip, she got 3,000 hryvnias ($112). Earlier the mother was earning a living by taking part in adult porn and selling it. Then she was offered more money for filming and selling sexual intercourse with her son and agreed.”

If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

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