Fishermen See A Carcass Floating In The Ocean. Get Terrified When They Realize What’s Underneath It : AWM

Fishermen See A Carcass Floating In The Ocean. Get Terrified When They Realize What’s Underneath It

Being out in the wide-open ocean must be invigorating. You are alone in your ship against the elements and the wild creatures under the surface. You don’t know what is going to happen or what surprise will come across the horizon next. And if a problem does arise, you are alone to fend for yourself. That’s why a group of fishermen knew to take out their cameras and start recording once they spotted a bloody whale carcass floating in the ocean.

The men filming this video were not too far out into the Atlantic Ocean. They were just about 45 miles south of Long Beach in New York and found the dead Leviathan. When they saw the whaling floating in the water, they approached it curious to see it up close. It’s not every day that you get to examine a giant of the deep like that.

But shortly after taking out their Go Pro camera, these fishermen realized they were not alone in those Atlantic waters. A Great White shark was lurking just below the surface, feasting on the flesh and blubber of the giant mammal.

Once the men saw the great white, they could not stop following it. They were amazed to witness it feeding on the whale and were impressed with its sleek movements and ferocity.

The video below, which was shared on Rumble, shows the fishermen facing down the great white. In the clip, you’ll see the shark and the whale carcass, as well as the men’s excitement to be part of the cycle of life at sea.

The video is accompanied by a description, which reads in part:

“he fisherman realized they were witnessing an amazing sight. Coming closer to the carcass, they turned on their cameras and realized that the Great White Shark was feeding on the whale! Sharks in this general area are said to be migrating north towards Cape Cod. These sharks are hoping they will be able to feed on the large seal population. Sharks eat all sorts of marine mammals, like sea lions, whales, and seals. This is on top of their diet of fish and squid.”

The clip below will keep you entertained. You’ll see the shark’s fin breaking the surface of the water at times. And you’ll watch as the fishermen plunge their waterproof camera into the water. At the 1:23-mark, the shark takes notice of the camera and starts lunging for it with its jaw opened. You can count its razor-sharp teeth and see its pink gums. Even while I sit on the other side of this computer screen, my heart races to see the shark approaching like that. It looks terrifying!

If you want to watch the shark feeding on the whale carcass, skip to the 2:20 mark. It chows down hard on the side of the whale. You can see blood and chum spilling into the water, which will probably attract more sharks.

What do you make of the close encounter these fishers had with the great white shark?