Flower Girl Looks Lost Not Seeing Her Parents, Now Watch When She Sees Daddy At The Alter : AWM

Flower Girl Looks Lost Not Seeing Her Parents, Now Watch When She Sees Daddy At The Alter

Using a baby or a toddler as the flower girl can go one of two ways. Either the child pulls off their wedding duty perfectly, or they break down into tears at the stress of having everyone’s eyes on them. But there is also a third way things can go. And that’s what happened in this humorous video below. Watch as a one-year-old flower girl completely steals the spotlight during the wedding when she steals everyone’s heart.

When you press play on the clip below, you’ll see the flower girl teetering on the brink of breakdown. She scans both sides of the aisle, desperately looking for any familiar face in the crowd. And you can tell that she is getting nervous, as she doesn’t see anyone. There are a lot of people looking directly at her, and that is overwhelming for the little one.

As she takes her timid steps forward toward the altar, the little girl starts to do what she is supposed to do. But she then made everyone’s day when she looked ahead and saw what was waiting for her at the altar.

But that didn’t happen until the little flower girl looked directly into the camera that was filming her entire walk. After looking at the camera in a pained expression of distress.

That’s when the young flower girl looks forward and sees the face she was looking for the entire time. It is the face of her daddy.

When she recognizes the handsome man standing at the altar, the baby flower girl lights up with love. Her eyes go bright, and her face turns up into an adoring smile. She then throws her arms into the air and starts running toward her father.

The crowd erupts in smiles and laughter. Everyone loves sees this child light up for love of her father. And the family was grateful that the spectacular moment was all caught on camera and could be shared online so friends and strangers alike could celebrate the little girl’s love for daddy.

Although this wedding was reported to have been great for the bride and groom, the flower girl stole the show. Because she managed to get her reaction caught on camera, everyone fell in love with her.

While many other ring bearers and flower girls can’t get all the way down the aisle without breaking down into a temper tantrum, this girl managed to do something unexpected in a positive direction. And the internet has all come together to label her the sweetest flower girl ever.

Diane Eck uploaded the video. She described it as, “One-year-old flower girl walking down the church aisle looking for someone she knows. Then she sees her daddy, and all is well!!!”

Viewers like you loved the content. Some described it as a “very nice” moment for the family. Another viewer said it was hilarious when the girl ran to her father.

What is your reaction to this adorable moment? Are you smiling along with the rest of us?