Footage Of Baby Girl’s Reaction To Dad Singing Instantly Goes Viral, Has Internet In Tears : AWM

Footage Of Baby Girl’s Reaction To Dad Singing Instantly Goes Viral, Has Internet In Tears

All babies are very different and they have their own timelines when it comes to milestones like crawling, walking, and smiling. At two months old, some babies are already smiling but that smile usually only lasts for a brief moment just long enough for you to catch it but not quite long enough for you to record it and send it off to your friends and family.

But maybe babies just haven’t been spoken to in the right way to get a good solid, long-lasting smile, because there is one two-month-old baby who is proving that babies can smile for long period of time…as long as their daddy sings them their favorite song.

When one dad decides to sing one of Joe Cocker’s hit songs, “You are so beautiful to me,” to his baby girl, he gets a response that they will both remember forever. Within seconds of starting to sing the song, the baby girl’s face lights up and she lets out a little giggle before she settles her eyes on him and looks at his face in complete awe. It’s as if for the thirty seconds that he is singing the song, the two of them are in a world of their own.

It’s obvious that this little baby loves being told that she is beautiful. It also helps that she has a dad that not only sings but adores her as well. Her dad isn’t afraid to show his soft side and express how he feels about his baby girl.

There is just something special about fathers and daughters and there is nothing sweeter than seeing a father softened by his little girl. A man can big a big burly guy with tattoos and few words, but when he gets in the presence of his little girl he is transformed into the prince that she wants him to be. You seldom see this same type of bond between a mother and a daughter or a father and a son, or even a mother and a son. There is just something about fathers and daughters that balances everything out in the world of relationships.

Commenters were in awe of the video, adoring it as much as the father and baby are seen adoring each other…

“She is a marvelous angel. I wish I could see her and kiss her angelic face.”

“There are no words to speak of this moment is simply unique!”

One mentioned that this will be a memory that they will always have. Maybe it will be played on her wedding day…

“What a beautiful ‘memory’ this little girl will always have.”

And some found the humor…

“If babies could talk I’m sure she’d say aww thank you, daddy, and yes I am beautiful.”

We can guess that this won’t be the first time that Joe Cocker’s hit song is heard by this baby girl. Surely her daddy will be singing it to her for years to come and every time they hear it they will think of one another.