Four-Year-Old Girl Narrowly Escapes Death After Teacher Doesn’t Rush Over To Help (video) : AWM

Four-Year-Old Girl Narrowly Escapes Death After Teacher Doesn’t Rush Over To Help (video)

While practicing in an unlicensed dance class in China, a four-year-old girl was urged to perform a risky yoga pose. But after failing to land in it safely, things went wrong, and now the girl is going to be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

In the footage, which can be very disturbing to many viewers, the young girl, Xiao Bao is shown collapsing under the weight of her own body during the strange pose.

Because the teacher urged her to put herself in harm’s way through the “back bridge” advanced yoga posture, the girl was unskilled and failed to do it correctly. A licensed teacher might have known that.

After the accident, Xiao Bao’s parents found out that the dance school was operating under the table and were not licensed. You can imagine how this infuriated them.

CCTV footage caught the moment that the young girl was left paralyzed following the instruction of her teacher. Because the girl was very young and inexperienced in dance, she did not perform the “back bridge” yoga pose correctly and soon collapsed under the weight of her own body.

Bao was learning dance in Zhengzhou, which is located in China’s Henan Province. The camera caught the entire freak accident occurring.

After the paralyzing accident, Xiao Bao was rushed to the hospital. She reported having no feeling in her legs and had also lost continence.

When Doctor Qi Lin examined the four-year-old, he said that the little dancer had not broken her spine, but had damaged it severely. Dr. Qi Lin is the head of neurosurgery at Zhengzhou Children’s Hospital. If the unlicensed dance instructor had not forced the inexperienced girl to perform such a risky move, Bao would not have found up paralyzed for life.

Dr. Qi Lin told local media that the injury was likely “a spinal contusion.”

Footage leaves little doubt that the teacher should not have demanded Bao perform such a laborious move. Although dozens of other students easily do the “back bridge” yoga pose, Bao just isn’t able to do it correctly. As she stumbles on her yoga mat, she injures herself and cannot get up again. Imagine the terror this four-year-old girl felt when she was unable to move her legs.

Dr. Qi Lin admitted that the girl’s future looks grim.

“It’s not looking optimistic. There’s a very big chance this child could be paralyzed for life in her lower body.”

Xiao Bao’s parents thought the dance teacher could be trusted. But only after the accident did they discover that they were operating an unlicensed studio. They had no certificates to operate and were doing their work under the table away from the scrutinizing eye of the Chinese government.

As of this writing, it is uncertain if Bao’s parents have brought the incident to the police and pressed charges against the unqualified private dance instructor.

Bao’s father indicated that the dance teacher offered the grieving family under $2,000. But they will be increasing the sum of money given the girl’s serious injuries.