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Frequent Flyer Dies Suddenly On Flight

After a young woman, 33, boarded a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, she sent a few text messages and promised to reconnect with her friends and family when she landed. However, they never got another message from her. Why? Because the “happy and healthy” young woman mysteriously died while on flight QF94 across the Pacific Ocean. Now the family and friends of Aleisha Tracy demand answers, but the airline is not giving them what they need.

When the flight was on its way down in Melbourne, paramedics received a call with a request to meet the plane on the tarmac. It landed in Tullamarine Airport at around 9 am after a 16-hour flight. But when the medics got in contact with Tracy, it was already too late. She was dead. Cold dead and no one knew why.

Now police are looking for answers. They want to give the family and friends of the victim some closure. But until they get the results of the young “happy and healthy” 33-year-old’s post mortem, they will not know the exact cause of death.

“Nothing has been said about what has happened this far along,” a close friend of the young woman told an Australian news source.

The young woman had crossed the Pacific Ocean from her home in Australia to have a fun weekend in Las Vegas. Before she boarded the flight on Qantas from Los Angeles back home, she shared numerous updates on her Instagram page, showing her friends and followers just how much fun she had while in Vegas. Her social media page also includes an image of her with her boarding pass just before she boarded the flight to the US. She snapped that photo from the Qantas International Business Lounge on March 24.

Tracy was loved by her friends and colleagues. She had held down a job as a National Broadband Network operations employee when she died on the flight.

“I’m devastated,” a friend David Loiterton wrote on social media. “I will miss you brightening up my day. I will miss your hilarious stories.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from NBN said that Tracy was a “well-liked” member of the working team.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Aleisha who was a valuable and well-liked member of the NBN team,” their spokesperson told the Australian news source. “She will be greatly missed. The thoughts of everyone at NBN are with her family, friends, and work colleagues at this difficult time.”

Her friend, Loiterton added: “I will miss hearing about your upcoming holidays. I will miss talking about all the shows that we like. You were a one of a kind friend who was always there. I am truly blessed to have known you. Thank you for such a beautiful friend. I will miss you.”

Meanwhile, a passenger on the Qantas flight said that the crew was “incredible” during the ordeal, which happened three hours into the 16-hour flight.

What do you make of this young woman’s sudden death at the Qantas flight?

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