In Arizona, one mom is furious after her daughter’s school canceled the senior prom due to COVID-19 but then went ahead with a large retirement party for the district’s superintendent. Mom Jennifer Alvey was furious that the Chandler Unified School District prioritized the superintendent’s retirement gathering rather than the senior prom that students had been looking forward to their entire lives – and now Alvey wants the school district to explain its double standard.

Although outgoing superintendent Camille Casteel got a large bash in celebration of her retirement, the seniors at Chandler Unified School District were not given a senior prom. Because of this decision, Alvey turned to social media to share her outrage that her kids’ prom was canceled.

“Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, Let the seniors eat cake,” Jennifer Alvey told Fox & Friends on Sunday.

Alvey has five children who all attend school within the district. In addition to the cancelation of the senior prom, graduating students are only allowed to invite two guests to the graduation ceremony. According to Alvey, this would deprive family members of experiencing “one of the big events of their life.”

“We would want to celebrate our retiring superintendent, but we also as parents don’t understand the double standard, why the district has certain things that are okay for the adults in the district, and then the kids’ interest in the district are getting entirely overlooked for the seniors,” Alvey told Fox & Friends.

The graduation ceremonies are scheduled to occur starting around May 1 across the state of Arizona, while the senior prom was scheduled for June 1.

Meanwhile, the superintendent is scheduled to have a massive going-away party on April 29, 2021 – despite the strict COVID-19 regulations that have shut down the senior prom and limited graduations across the state.

Community members besides Alvey are wondering why the superintendent gets a retirement party while students are offered limited options.

“Dr. Casteel should not accept this ‘celebration.’ If seniors have to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so should she,” one critic wrote.

Another person from the district added, “Hope it’s a total bust. The Prom could be held outdoors if that’s the problem. Skip the Super’s stupid party, let the kids have their end-of-year Prom.”

During her conversation with Fox & Friends, Alvey confessed that she and other parents were confused by many of the district’s decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“None of it has been with reference to what is best for the kids, for their growth, for their development, for their emotional, physical well-being,” the concerned mother said. “We want to be a team with our school district. We want to be a team with the people who we trust, who watch out for our kids’ best interest.”

Ohio plans to allow senior proms to go ahead. However, other states, including Connecticut, will require attendees to prove they had a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccine prior to attending the event.

Do you think this Arizona district should throw a party for the superintendent while canceling prom?

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