Gang Of Teens Sneak Up On Elderly Man On The Sidewalk. Hidden Camera Catches Their Next Move : AWM

Gang Of Teens Sneak Up On Elderly Man On The Sidewalk. Hidden Camera Catches Their Next Move

Good deeds are the gifts that keep on giving. Have you heard the story about the Starbucks drive-thru when one person paid for the person behind them? That good deed kept on going for hours as people continued to pay for the person behind them. That’s the thing about good deeds. When you perform one for another, they are more inclined to pass on the good vibes and share the love with other people – it’s like when you share your smile with the world, it makes it more likely for others to smile as well.

One community has witnessed this happen in drove. A group of teenagers offered an elderly man some help. When they noticed that he had fallen down, they turned to the deep goodness in their hearts to bend down and help him back to his feet.

While the good deed could have stopped with that kind gesture – that’s more than most Americans would do, let alone hormonally-effected teenagers – the group of teen boys, took it one step further and walked the old man all the way to his home.

The inspiring incident occurred in Caldwell, Idaho. That’s where the group of teenage boys – all of whom were walking home from a difficult day at school that was frustrating and irritating – and saw that an old man had fallen and couldn’t get up. Because the boys were already miffed from their uninspiring day at school, they easily could have laughed at the old man or walked away pretending they didn’t see him. But that’s the opposite of what happened.

The elderly man’s name was Jose Gomez. He was using his walker and had struggled to stay on his feet. His leg gave out, and he lost his balance, falling to the ground along the side of the road. Gomez didn’t have the same strength he used to have, and he couldn’t get back to his feet.

Because the group of teenage boys watched from afar as Gomez struggled to stay on his feet, they ran right over and helped him stand up. But that was only the beginning of their good deed. They proceeded to help him home.

As it turned out, the boys were watched by the voyeur Erika Tovar. She observed the teenagers helping the old man back to his feet and then walking him home. She documented their good deed and shared it with the world on social media, effectively making the teenagers famous overnight.

“Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home,” she wrote to caption the image that she captured on her phone.

As hundreds of people shared the image, a local bakery decided to take action. The Sweet Spot Bakery then offered to treat both the teenage boys and Gomez to a treat.

Before long, the boys were interviewed for TV and earned the nickname the “Caldwell boys.” Through all their fame, the gang of teenage boys remained humble and kind.

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