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Generous Mom Offers To Pay For The Wedding, But Only If They Sign A “Grandkid Contract”

When the mother of the groom told the bride that she would pay for their entire wedding, the bride was so happy. However, the groom took the bride aside and warned her that he knew his mother – such an offer would come with strings attached. However, a free wedding was a very enticing offer, one the bride might be willing to accept – however when the mother of the groom suggested that the bride and groom sign a “grandkid contract,” the bride finally saw how crazy this woman was.

The bride turned to Reddit to share her nightmare story and to get some advice. The wedding of her dreams was becoming a lot more expensive than she planned, and she really did need parental support – that’s why the mother-in-law swooped in and made her offer.

“She’s mainly the one who wanted it to be a large affair anyway,” she wrote.

The bride’s parents passed away, so the mother of the groom was paying for a lot of the wedding.

“Due to the fact that my parents aren’t with us, my fiancé’s mother has been generous enough to foot the bill for the entire wedding,” the bride said. “I’ve let her have free reign with the planning, and she’s allowed to invite whoever she wants as I don’t have that many family members, and fiancé keeps his friends circle very small.”

Although the bride welcomed her mother-in-law’s help for the wedding, things got weird when the wedding date drew closer.

“MIL suddenly presented us with a contract stating that I am only allowed to have one child and must immediately get on contraception after his/her birth,” the bride wrote. “I have literally never heard of anyone being in a remotely similar situation to this before and am pretty sure it has no legal standing at all.”

The bride explains that the mother-in-law used the large wedding to leverage her will over the newlyweds.

“This wedding has gotten extremely expensive (in the hundred-thousands),” the bride continued, “and while we are grateful, the fiancé and I were planning on eloping, to begin with since we couldn’t afford it and had no desire to have a large celebration. I’m not even sure I want more than one child, but it just seems absolutely INSANE that anyone would have a say in that aside from the father and me.”

When people started sharing their responses, most agreed that the mother of the groom was crazy and way out of line.

“Cancel it all and walk away,” wrote one person. “Elope with your SO and do not let her control anything else in your life.”

“Cancel the wedding, elope and cut the crazy [expletive] off,” another added.

The bride said that her mother-in-law had already dug her claws in deep.

“I’ve looked into it and canceling would still mean we’d have to pay for all the things that have been booked already or pay her back for anything that has had a deposit put down,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the groom thinks this is just another example of his mother being his mother.

“He is as surprised as I am at his mother,” the bride wrote. “But he doesn’t think she could possibly try to uphold the contract in the future.”

What do you think the lovebirds should do? Should they sign the “Grandkid Contract?”

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